‘Knowing Bros’ Is Considering Cutting Park Kyung Out from the Upcoming Episode

Credit: Park Kyung Instagram

Knowing Bros is discussing whether to edit out Park Kyung, who admitted to school violence.

An official from JTBC’s entertainment program Knowing Bros said, “We have opened up discussions regarding potentially cutting Park Kyung’s portion out.”

On Sept. 17, Park Kyung filmed for Knowing Bros with his Problematic Men castmates, Kim Ji Suk and Ha Suk Jin. This episode was scheduled to air in October, but as Park admitted to the alleged school violence, some started to demand Park Kyung be cut out.

Recently, Park Kyung admitted to his wrongdoings during his school days and wrote an apology letter via his Twitter, saying, “I am sorry. I sincerely apologize to all those who were hurt by me back then and those who get hurt by past memories when they see me.” However, even after his apology, netizens are still baffled about he cleaned up his images, even participating in a school violence prevention campaign.

On a side note, Park Kyung was indicted on charges of defamation for alleging various artists committed sajaegi (chart manipulation) and recently received a summary order of 5 million won (about 4,276 USD) in fines.

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