‘Coffee Prince’ Stars Tear Up as They Recall Memories with the Late Lee Eon

Credit: MBC

In the upcoming episode of the Coffee Prince documentary, actors will tear up as they recall the late Lee Eon.

For a while after the first part of the show aired last week, keywords such as “Coffee Prince” and the actors’ names dominated real-time search trends, proving the drama fans’ unrelenting affection.

According to the production team, the second part will show the rest of the main characters’ stories – “Han Sung-Yoo Joo couple” and the three princes. It includes the genuine concerns and confessions of the six stars about their lives as actors, which will quench fans’ thirst.

The meeting between Lee Sun Kyun and Chae Jung Ahn was a sweet combination of laughter and tears. The two met at a cafe, which was used as Choi Han Sung’s home in the drama, and boasted a strong chemistry like real close friends, even though it was their first reunion in 13 years. The two would watch their scenes together and cringe and even criticize their own acting. Later, in the scene where they broke up, Chae Jung Ahn is said to have burst into tears as she couldn’t hold back the overwhelming feelings.

Kim Dong Wook and Kim Jae Wook’s chemistry is another key point of the show. The two stayed close even after the show ended and was the first to greet each other when they won the awards.

Credit: MBC

However, what made them solemn was the story of the late Lee Eon, who they worked as a prince trio in the play. The two gathered together to film on Aug. 21, the day Lee Eon died, in honor of his close colleague and older brother. When it suddenly started to rain while talking about his memories of Lee Eon, Kim Jae Wook, the late actor’s junior since they were both models, could not continue to speak for a while. The two recalled Lee Eon as “a person who had a short life but lived the fullest.”

Gong Yoo, who Lee Eon followed like a real brother, also shed tears as he watched Lee Eon’s scenes. “I intentionally avoided talking about him with other Coffee Prince families. I really wish Lee Eon was here with us today.”

The second part of the Coffee Prince documentary will air on Oct. 1 at 10:40 p.m. KST.

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  • Just reading Lee Eon’s name broke my tear dam. They had unbelievable chemistry and I can’t imagine what they all went through after the news… just rewatched Coffee Prince and couldn’t hold back tears every time he came on screen…

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