Hyun Bin Returns Home from Jordan After Safely Filming His New Movie


Hyun Bin returned home from filming the movie Negotiation (literal title) in Jordan.

On the afternoon of Sept. 12, Hyun Bin returned home from Jordan. According to the quarantine guidelines, he will be tested for COVID-19 and undergo self-isolation for two weeks.

The actor was originally scheduled to return home two days ago but arrived in Korea via Doha today due to the local situation. Previously, Hwang Jung Min arrived in Korea on Sept. 2.

Hyun Bin left for Jordan on a chartered plane on July 13 and underwent self-isolation there before shooting his film. Negotiation is about rescuing the abducted Koreans in the Middle East and will de directed by Forever the Moment and Little Forest director Lim Soon Rye.

About 10 fans gathered at Incheon International Airport to welcome Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin kept his schedule secret, but news of his travel was made public when local fans who recognized him at Doha International Airport posted it on social media.

Hyun Bin, wearing a black mask and a hat, showed up with his manager. He thanked the fans for their sincerity, but added, “I don’t think you should come close,” showing his sweetness as he has to undergo a self-isolation period.

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