UPDATE: S.E.S Bada Announces Pregnancy + Shares That She Gave Birth to Her Daughter Today

UPDATE September 7:

Singer Bada, a former member of the legendary S.E.S, announced that she gave birth to her daughter today.

Bada’s agency revealed on September 7th, “[Bada] gave birth to a healthy daughter this morning at a hospital in Seoul. Currently, both the mother and daughter are healthy.

“At the moment, Bada is recovering in the midst of praise and blessings from her family, and her friends and family are elated about the birth of a precious child.”

Bada shared, “After I gave birth, I immediately thought about my fans. I sincerely want to thank you all for celebrating and blessing this great news.”

She continued, “Meeting my sweet daughter made me feel so happy and overwhelmed, and I will raise her well with warmth and love. In addition, I hope to meet you as singer Bada as soon as possible.”

Last month, Bada revealed in a surprise letter that she was expecting a baby.

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Credit: Official Instagram of Bada

Singer Bada will begin a new chapter in her life as a mother!

Her agency revealed on August 31st that Bada is expecting a baby in September. Bada made the surprise announcement in a handwritten letter that was posted on her official fan club.

Credit: Official Instagram of Bada

“To my beloved fans,

There is something I have to tell you with a nervous heart.

Whew… even though I’m so nervous and shy… ^^


I have become pregnant with the second Bada.

Although I wanted to tell you sooner, I felt sorry about the thought of being congratulated during a time when many people are facing difficulties due to the monsoon floods and COVID-19… so after continuously worrying, I decided to carefully tell you about it today.

The baby is growing well and strong, just like me~ she is expected to enter into the world sometime in September.

To my fans, I hope that you’ll take the nervous hand of my heart and hold it tight. Since I am always thinking of you all during my pregnancy~ please keep me in your prayers~~^^

After I give birth to my child, I plan to promote even more diligently, so please continue to love and support me~

I am always thankful and I will always love you~~”

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