Park Kyu Young Says “Kim Soo Hyun is the moodmaker”

Park Kyun Kyung expressed her feelings of finishing It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, saying, “I was the one who received healing with it.”

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Park Kyun Hyun met with Sports Chosun and conducted an interview. She said, “It’s a shame that the time flew so fast, and it’s hard to say goodbye to Joo Ri. I felt a great love for her, and when you see the drama, you can tell that each character has their pain, and it was amazing to see them heal. I guess I feel like this because I want to see them be happy a bit more.”

In the beginning, Nam Joo Ri was seen as an “unlikeable” character.

“Joo Ri would restrain her honest feelings and only show them when she’s with her mom. That’s why I guess she looked more ‘two-sided’ to people, but the cute side came out as she was loved, reconciled, and formed a soft relationship. So viewers cheered her in the latter half.”

It was her “drunken frenzy” performance that made her into a “lovely” character.

“I had a lot of fun filming that scene. I’m not good with drinks in real life, so I don’t drink much, and even when I’m drunk, I tend to laugh a lot and sleep. But this time, I tried to act big. I just did what I wanted to do and what I felt like. Also, the part where I hit my head on the table was loud, but it didn’t hurt much,”

Park Kyu Young also confessed that she is a fan of Kim Soo Hyun.

“Since I was young, I watched his works and dreamed of becoming an actor. I was a bit worried if I could do well in front of him, but he really helped me a lot. This is why I got to do what I did. I was a huge fan of The Producers, and he is one amazing actor.”

She then also added that Kim Soo Hyun was the moodmaker at the scene.

“He’s funny and energetic. He has such great energy that he brightens up the atmosphere as he walks in. I think that’s why everyone was able to work so comfortably.”

She also praised Oh Jung Se and his acting.

“He is the best senior. He comes into the filming site as Sang Tae. I have such respect for his acting and he’s beyond words. He is the one who refreshes the atmosphere. I’m really curious about what he will show next.”

Unlike Joo Ri, Park Kyu Young is more attracted to someone who cares for her.

“I think I’m more attracted to men who like me. I’m into someone who is reliable and friendly. So Lee Sang In (Kim Joo Heon) is totally my type, and it was so much fun.”

Park Kyun Young’s next project is Netflix original series Sweet Home, which she had already finished filming.

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