Sistar’s Soyou Warns Malicious Commenter Who Wrote Expletives During Her Live Broadcast

Credit: Starship Entertainment

Soyou sternly warned a malicious commenter who left hateful comments on her Instagram Live broadcast.

She recently communicated with her fans from all over the world through the live broadcast. She shared some TMIs, “I didn’t wash my hair today. I couldn’t go to the hair salon since it’s raining today. But since I have to tie my hair, I don’t think it will be very noticeable.”

She then shared, “I had to do a lot of things today. My car broke down in the morning so I was worried I would be late to my live radio show schedule. We fixed up the car well.”

To fans who asked her to speak English, Soyou replied, “I’m not very good at English. I’m sorry for not being able to speak it well.” She still used a translating app and tried her best to communicate in another language.

In response to one fan who commented “you’re scary,” Soyou said, “It’s because of my makeup. I can’t do anything about it. Just accept it.”

Soyou then had some words for a malicious commenter who found her personal Instagram: “You only learned bad things. Another side of me is coming out right now because I do my make up really strong these days. Don’t come into my Instagram and curse me out.”

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