T-ARA Soyeon Reveals that the T-ARA members Were Not Close to Each Other in their First ‘Radio Star’ Broadcast

Credit: MBC

T-ARA Soyeon unveiled the behind story of the group’s debut on Radio Star.

On the July 5th episode, she mentioned T-ARA’s relationship with Radio Star.

She said, “T-ARA debuted on Radio Star. The group appeared on the show after it was formed merely two weeks ago at the time.”

Credit: MBK Entertainment

She continued, “We only introduced ourselves to each other and didn’t have a chance to become close when we were on the show. When the members showed off their special talents, I thought, ‘Oh, she’s good at that.’”

Host Kim Gu Ra jokingly replied, “That’s why you guys didn’t look close at all back then.”

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