Sam Okyere Strongly Speaks Against High School Students for Using Blackface + Some Netizens Find “Problems” in His Post

Credit: Sam Okyere Instagram

Recently, there has been a controversy in Korea over racism. A few celebrities, including Sam Okyere, expressed their honest thought, making headlines. However, now, some netizens are criticizing Sam Okyere’s choice of words.

The Uijeongbu High School is well known for its students’ graduation photos as students parody individuals who were the hottest topic each year. This year, a group of students parodied Ghana’s pallbearers and stirred up the controversy.

On August 8, Sam Okyere strongly spoke against their choice, and wrote comments in both Korean and English. However, after his post became headlines, some started to point out that his English comments are “rude” and that the fact he posted the pictures of these students without any blur or crop was not his best choice.

“Time and time again why won’t people get that blackface is very offensive and not funny at all!!!!!! There have been so many instances both on and off air where people paint their faces black here in Korea and think it’s funny! It’s not and I am highly against it and highly disappointed.

You put in so much effort to educate people here in Korea and make them understand that you can appreciate a culture without making mockery of the people. This has to stop in Korea!!! This ignorance cannot continue!!!!!”

Credit: MLB Park

After reading this, some criticized that the word “education” has to be used carefully. The took issue with the fact that he pointed out Korean education and depicted Koreans as “completely ignorant people” in such a public place.

“I mean, who is he to talk about Korean education? I think it’s a very arrogant post.”

“I understand that you are upset about blackface, but you didn’t have to stamp these kids (who probably didn’t know what they were doing) as racists on SNS.”

“I thought you were the one who made fun of Asians by making chinky eyes on Abnormal Summit. You’re definitely not the one to talk.”

However, some argue that if Sam Okyere, who is from Ghana, showed his discomfort, that we should just accept it and say sorry.

“What’s wrong with pointing out something wrong?”

“Blackface is racial discrimination.”

“They literally could have done this without blackface, and it would have been completely fine.”

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