Jessi Talks About Her Experience at Grammy Awards After-Party

Credit: Olive

In the latest episode of Olive’s ve, which aired on July 23, Jessi appeared as a guest and met with Song Eun Yi, Kim Sook, Park Na Rae, and Jang Do Yeon.

When asked about being invited to Grammy after-party, he said, “I did go to the after-party. I was invited. There, I was the only Asain woman.”

Jessie half-jokingly said, “I was proud, but there were a lot of eyes on me. The checks were no joke. The moment I entered, all the women glared at me. I was the shortest too. Jang Do Yeon’s height was average there,” drawing attention.

She continued, “No matter where I go in the world, I’m not discouraged. There are still a lot of racism, but you shouldn’t be discouraged by that.“

Meanwhile, Jessi is getting ready to meet her fans with her new album.

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  • Do you think they were looking at you because you are Asian or because you are beautiful with a banging body. Also you have talent. Look at it that way not as racism.

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