With the Recent AOA Incident, FNC Entertainment Is Heavily Under Fire

Credit: news1
Credit: news1

Eventually, Jimin left the team and the industry. This happened three days after Mina‘s confession of being bullied for 10 years.

On July 5, FNC Entertainment released an official statement. The wrote, “We would first like to apologize for causing concern to everyone because of the situation involving Jimin. As of today, Jimin has left AOA and will halt all activities.”

Then they added, “We take full responsibility for this situation, and we will dedicate all of our effort to managing our artists. We would like to apologize again for causing worry due to the current situation.”

However, the public is responding sarcastically to the fact that they used the word “feel responsible” when they are only trying to wrap up the case asap with Jimin’s withdrawal.

Credit: The Fact, 10 Asia, Biztribune

FNC Entertainment has consistently shown that they lack the ability to manage artists. From Choi Jong Hoon, a former FT Island member who left the team after getting caught up with the “Burning Sun” case, to Lee Jong Hyun, former CNBLUE member, Kwon Kwang Jin, former N.Flying member, and Jimin, former AOA member. People are wondering if the label has any intention in “managing” their artists.

If the company did not know about the bullying, which has been going on for 10 years, that company does not deserve to be called “agency.” If they knew about it, how could they not have mediated the situation?

Now, all they want is to cover up this case as quickly as possible and move on. But now, everyone is watching closely, and they will have to prove their “level.”

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  • so people ya all aoa from new moon and on is that it i see so bingle bangle down to angels story cause ya all that mina was a part of the group then in case you forgot you morons . see people shit happens that ‘s life they ‘re a disfunctional group get over and grow up mina is fine she’ll live so stop the and get a life.aoa fighting

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