A Former Entertainment Reporter Claims that Seo Ye Ji Used to Date Kim Soo Hyun and Is Now Dating His Cousin

Credit: Top Daily, Star News, MHN

Seo Ye Ji is in a relationship with Kim Soo Hyun‘s cousin, director Lee Lo Ve after dating Kim Soo Hyun?

Kim Yong Ho, a former entertainment reporter, revealed the love triangle between Seo Ye Ji, Kim Soo Hyun, and Lee Lo Ve on his YouTube channel on June 29.

According to Kim Yong Ho, Seo Ye Ji dater Kim Soo Hyun in the past. But now, after breaking up, she is currently in a romantic relationship with Kim Soo Hyun’s cousin, director Lee Lo Ve.

Netizens showed their shock, saying, “If this is true, this is the definition of makjang,” “I just hope this is false,” “I’m not saying I believe, but even thinking about it is quite shocking.”

Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun are affiliated with label Gold Medalist. Gold Medalist is a new label found by director Lee Lo Ve, producer Kim Mi Hye, the organizer of film Extreme Job.

Currently, Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji are starring in tvN’s It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

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  • So. May they be happy! There must be an attractive gene in the personality in their family and for her, what a find!!! Both men are successful and creative. You don’t see KSH making a fuss about it and why are people condemning women again? Cheese and crackers people, this is the 21st century!! Live and let live! Get over yourselves Fans!!

  • Yes this may be shocking but as long as both the actress & the actor”s cousin feels comfortable is .most important. As long as the cousin does not mind her having gone to bed with the Actor.
    In entertainment industry they date or go to bed by switching partners one time or another.
    It is not the norm for us ordinary citizens

  • Is there an interesting story hidden in this article somewhere? Or is this just gossip fluff? I cant even guess who the supposed villain is. Who did something bad? What did they do? Why is this this newsworthy? How is it on my newsfeed and why did I bother taking the time to comment?! This reporter, and also the creeps who publish kak like this, need to stop damaging innocents for their own gain. Find something useful to write about, stop being gross human beings! Grrr!

  • Everyone has a right to privacy in their private life. Fans do not have the right to comment on actors and actresses’s PRIVAtE lives. The public would be horrified if it was done to them. Fairs fair. The acting and producing professionals give us wonderful entertainment, not the right to invade their private lives or those of their family or friends.

  • Actually, when you look at both keenly, they resemble similar facial parts..
    Like jawline, eyes, nose, lips 😬
    Anyway, they both look very cute ❤️

  • i don’t know if this is true but i’d be happy if i dated any of both of yeji and soohyun

  • Even if it is true it is none of our business. Their quality of work is superb whether they were in a relation or not. That’s what they r here to provide quality entertainment and not to display their personal life

  • If this is true … it must have ended in amicable terms thus explaining the chemistry between these two. And also kudos to them for being so professional. I always thought there was something going on between these two but never thought it was like this.

  • Its not necessary to drag others down when they are doing something good.As the drama is getting good reviews and attention that it deserves doesn’t mean writing report like this can harm them!!Let them be.If they had dated its okay they are humans too!!And the female lead has right to date whoever she want,we ain’t nobody to interfere!!

  • It doesn’t sound shocking, it sounds very realistic. If you are in the entertainment field you would likely date people in the same field, and ithe would seem safer to do so in the same agency to keep it private. It also seems like it is none of my business. What is surprising is this person using someone else’s careet and private life so carelessly for content on his YouTube channel.

  • I just watching their drama bec its fantasy drama. Hope it wont focus on the patients with disability. I thought the leading girl has a power like a witch and kim soo hyun has the power to break the curse or spell. The leading girl has matured look and her voice is like a man but anyway I love first the beginning scene. A huge eye of a doll which attracts me and the witch they called begun to explore and create chaos in their place.

  • Erm I don’t think both of them will still accept this drama if there’re exes

  • i hope this is just a rumor 😿 but if it’s true i’ll still be happy for them,i just hope KSH and SYJ will be together ‘cos their chemistry both on and off cam is so lovely,there’s a spark between them. 😭

  • If its true or not it doesn’t matter 😅 many dating rumor happen. Not only in Korea , well people ,fans or even haters will probably forget it after the drama ends. I respect the privacy every celebrities , actor , actress . so as for me I love their drama . thats it , 😂😂😂😂😂 people can love anyone and date anyone. As long as not related by blood 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣, not a big deal date another family member , in this society its not just a big deal anymore.. 😂😂😂😂 for my opinion


  • Only a rumor, dont believe this. Seo yea ji is single and kim soo hyun also single. That’s all. Thank you.

  • Not true, this was already debunked. The ‘former’ entertainment reporter is known to spread false rumors and gossips according to k-netizens.

  • this is a bullshit, why would u spreading some fake news. first of all its all fake. and even if yeaji is dating soohyuns cousin why would she some some affection or showing love to soohyun if she dated someone?? pls spread postivity and good news than spreading fake news.

  • honestly a joke to create drama. first of all, why would they even agree to do this romantic kdrama. And also why would they have amazing chemistry bts? imagine trying to make up drama, smh :/

  • First for the record, it was never confirmed that KSH & SYJ were more than friends/coworkers so perhaps, if in the new relationship, it was a result of being introduced by her friend???

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