After Donating 300 Million KRW, Lee Min Ho Decides to Donate All Profits from His Recent Emoticon

Thanks to the popularity of actor Lee Min Ho the character “Minomi” was released as a Kakao Talk emoticon.

Minomi,” a lion doll characterizing Lee Min Ho, was recently released as emoticons for Kakao Talk. The “Minomi” emoticon cutely captures various lines and emotions such as Lee Min Ho’s emperor costumes from The King: Eternal Monarch and his lines “It’s an imperial order,” or “I love you.”

Credit: SBS, MYM, Kakao Talk

Domestic and overseas fans, who were disappointed by the end of The King: Eternal Monarch, showed enthusiastic responses. The entire proceeds of the emoticon will be donated according to Lee Min ho’s wishes. Lee Min Ho’s charitable streak is impressing the public.

Marking the 14th anniversary of his debut this year, Lee Min Ho resumed his career with more mature looks and acting prowess through The King: Eternal Monarch.

Recently, Lee Min Ho ranked No.1 in the drama’s popularity category in June released by Good Data Corporation, The King: Eternal Monarch became the only Korean drama to rank in the top 10 in the Netflix’s World Ranking.

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  • Lee Minho is one of the most unusual artists I have ever witnessed. He is a gifted, talented attractive and charismatic thespian. He appears to get along with his colleagues, leading ladies and staff. He prefers to be low key and yet is gracious to his fans, admirers and we’ll wishers. He is remarkably
    philanthropic. On top of that he is tall, handsome, well built and quite a stylish fastidious dresser. I enjoy reading about his latest activities and searching his dramas. Quite an unusual man… I hope you don’t mind but I gave a non-existent e-mail below, I prefer to remain an anonymous 65-year-old admirer….

    • Totally agree with you! I too prefer to remain an anonymous 64 yer old admirer…

  • Hello! Am a retiree, 60 yrs old, married with 4 children. Just started watching Korean movies/drama series when we had lockdown and it was my daughters who influenced me. I started to love them bcoz of the stories, the twist and the stars. I became to like Lee Min Ho, he is very charming and he acts excellently, really a very good actor. From then on, if given a chance, I try to read articles about him. And just the other day, during his bday, I asked my daughter’s assistance to greet him through IG. Am amazed of Lee Min-Ho’s
    kindness & generosity. Will be praying more for him. May the Lord bless him always. Hoping/praying to see him personally one day in God’s perfect time. Many thanks. God bless!

  • Lee Min Ho is simply everything about K-culture on air. Seems like he started it all to flourish globally.

  • I am a 68 year old who loves watching him as long as they are Subtitles. When you read about all the wonderful qualities about him is really amazing. Thank you to his parents for raising such a sweetheart for a son.

  • TKEM, best kdrama series performed by Lee Min Ho. He showed more mature and exemplary work in his acting with the good tandem of Kim Go Eun. Hoping for another Kdrama series for the two.😍😍😍

  • That’s a lie!!! Top 10 well for me its Top1 1 st ever korean drama i Ever watch!!

    • World wide not only i n korea,its means this is the only korean kdrama reached top 10 based on there ranking all over the world,liked this in Qatar still top 1 for two weeks

  • A baby with a big heart. His soul is as beautiful as he looks. Day by day, i hope he only recieves love that grows. Cause he deserves that, and much more. I wish him a happy and a healthy life where he won’t be depressed due to haters once again. Seeing him that way breaks me cause he is not someone who needs to get that crap

  • Boy’s Over Flower’s was my first K-DRAMA to ever see and I’ve been hooked ever since. Lee Min-ho was and still is my favorite actor/singer. I love the person he is. Just by looking at him, you can see that he doesn’t try and show off his looks and wealth. He has matured into a more attractive person for that reason. He’s got such a beautiful soul, I think that’s why he has so many fans all over the world. I will always remain one of his faithful fans. I wish him a future with lots of love and happiness. May his acting and singing career continue to attract more loyal fans. May God bless him and keep him safe and healthy. Lee Min-ho, take care of your handsomely gorgeous self. Your such a hearttroub. You make my heart melt every time you show that amazing smile of yours 🥰

  • Hello! We love your article about lee min ho, however, Im a fan of the king eternal monarch and we must say it was one of the best ending in Kdrama. WE ARE NOT DISAPPOINTED!!

  • I am a Lee Min Ho fan ever since Boys over Flowers. I’ve wotness how he grows in every roles that had given to him. With all the huge projects he never changed, he’s still the Lee Min Ho who has a big heart, a funny one, and a loving friend. He cares too much (sometimes forgetting himeself). When he enlist from the army, I was very happy, not just He came back safe and sound but he enlist exactly on my birthdate. 🥰 It feels likes it was a huge birthday gift 💖. When they announce about “The King: Eternal Monarch” I was very excited. When it was aired I really waited for it. For the first time, I saw such an empowerment to Min Ho. The series was huge, the story was intense and full of supprises. I watched every episode of “The King Eternal Monarch” , There I saw the new Lee Min Ho. He was so happy, the eyes was sparkling, even with those behind the scenes. He’s more matured but more happy and jolly this time.. he’s eyes says it all. He is more expensive this time, more caring. He’s such a humble grown up Man. I like him even more today. I hope he will stay kind and a happy person. He has a big heart for everyone. More more more projects for him! (I actually want to see him in one project with his bestfriend Jung Il Woo 💙)

  • Wow,,I will never wonder why you are so very successful in your career ..
    A man in a good will,,a man with a good personality
    I wish you all the best..we love you

  • Is a good actor and he has a good heart that’s why God give a to much blessing.

  • Wonderful. What a generous person. May God will bless him with good health and long life. We need more people like him.

  • I first saw him in Boys over Flower. I’ve watch it many times. I admire him, and his acting. He is really good.

  • A man has a big heart not only in outside look also in inside no wonder why u have alots of followers.. thanks yo ur parents they teach u to be a good person.oppa u give inspiration to ur fans.stay what u are and more more blessings to come.good bless u family

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