Park Shin Hye and Her Upcoming Movie ‘#ALIVE’

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In a round interview held on June 22, Park Shin Hye expressed her feelings about the release of her upcoming film #ALIVE and her thoughts on Yoo Ah In.

#ALIVE is a survival thriller about those who are isolated in an apartment as data, Wi-Fi, text messages, and phones all cut off amid people with unknown symptoms begin to attack.

Park Shin Hye, who has been mostly playing lovely and bright characters, plays Yoo Bin, who plans a thorough survival strategy, showing a different, tenacious charm.

First of all, after hearing the news that #ALIVE holds the highest booking rate, Park Shin Hye said, “I think many people were thirsty for cultural life. We’re offering some benefits to encourage people to visit the theater, and I think we’ve also got a lot of help.”

Park Shin Hye had a lot of concerns over the release of #ALIVE. “Prior to #ALIVE, Call, which I filmed before, scheduled press conferences and other events, but everything got postponed due to the spread of COVID-19. So I thought #ALIVE was going to be delayed too, but thanks to people keeping the precautionary rules well, we got to meet the audiences in time.”

Regarding the favorable reviews after the press preview, she said, “There were difficulties over being linked to the current COVID-19 pandemic. I was worried that it might be a sensitive issue, but I believe that good evaluations came from the fact that the story, in which a person starts to hope after meeting someone, interlinked well with the current situation.”

She also added how she received great comforts from Yoo Ah In, who she worked with.

“We talked about the work, but we also talked about our own lives. After making our debut in our early teens, we’ve always conversed as actors, and I never got to talk about what human Park Shin Hye went through before becoming an actor. But when he told me, ‘You must have worked hard, too,’ my heart ached. I was so grateful. It kind of felt I was getting recognized,” Park Shin Hey said, recalling back the time.

“I don’t think we fully understand someone without going through similar situations together, but I loved the moments when we talked about our respective growths. I also gained a lot of encouragement,” she added.

#ALIVE, which is believed to be the reliever of the movie theaters, will be released on June 24.

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