BTS’s Suga Embroiled in Controversy for Inserting Jim Jones’s Voice in His Song

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

BTS’s Suga, who recently released a mixtape under the name of Agust D, is under fire for inserting Jim Jones’s voice in his new song, “What do you think?

Currently, Jim Jones’s voice sampling, which was used in “What do you think,” a track in Suga’s mixtape D-2, became a problem.

First of all, “What do you think” is a song that throws questions about the achievements that have been made so far, sharply criticizing all the haters.

The problematic part of the song lies with Jim Jones’s sampling in the introduction. The sampling is part of Jim Jones’s speech, where he claims to be the spirit of salvation and the revolution.

Credit: AP Photo, BREITBART

Jim Jones was an American preacher, and faith healer turned cult leader. He launched the Peoples Temple in the 1950s, and when the media exposed human rights abuses within the cult, he ordered (likely coerced) a mass suicide and mass murder of 918 commune members.

People from around the world are criticizing Agust D’s choice.

“Why use his voice when the song isn’t to commemorate historical tragedies?”

“Regardless of his intention, using his voice, was careless.”

“Why did he use Jim Jones’s speech?”

Currently, Big Hit Entertainment has not expressed any particular position regarding the controversy.

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  • I think in America we don’t hide history even when it’s ugly .Our artist whether music actor don’t shy away from the truth .There have been 2 movies about jim jones,Charles Manson ,Columbine shooting Hitler these actor we dnt call out for playing these horrible people.And those of you that said hurt victim families well families helped with Jim Jones movies

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