[K-Star’s Best Character] Suzy, Who Became “The Nation’s First Love” After Meeting Seo Yeon of ‘Architecture 101’

Edited by Hwang Hong Sun
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Idol-turned-actress Suzy has stepped into the entertainment industry as she was spotted by a JYP official in the Superstar K‘s regional preliminary. She became a trainee in JYP Entertainment and, after a long time, made an official debut as a member of missA. The group set a new record of topping the music show in the shortest period of 21 days as a girl group.

Later, Suzy took on the role of Go Hye Mi in KBS’s Dream High in 2011 and challenged her first acting. In the beginning, some people criticized her for her awkward performances, but she clearly showed improvement as the story progressed. Then in 2012, Suzy, who gained confidence through Dream High, was selected to play a role in Architecture 101, which became an indispensable work in her acting career.

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

The story of Architecture 101 takes place as Seung Min and Seo Yeon, who took the same class in college, meet again 15 years later. Suzy played 20-year-old Seo Yeon, Seung Min’s first love. She later said that it was difficult for her to play the role, since Seo Yeon showed too much difference from her own candid personality. However, rather than forcing herself to fit into the character, she managed to portray the character naturally by melting her honest self into the role. The best example is the scene where she draws a house she wants to live while drinking with Seung Min. In the scene, her usual language and behavior were reflected.

Architecture 101, which helped the audience to recall their memories of first love, was a box office hit by attracting 4.11 million viewers nationwide. It also became the Korean melodrama movie with the most viewers until the release of A Werewolf Boy. Suzy also gained popularity by being called “Korea’s first love,” and won the Best New Actor Actress Award in the film category at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards, strengthening her position as an actor.

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

After the success of Architecture 101, Suzy is focusing more on her acting career than her singing career. She also produced several hits as she went back and forth between the dramas and movies, and was recognized for her improved acting prowess. Recently, she successfully wrapped up the movie Ashfall and drama Vagabond, and is currently preparing to start a new drama Start-Up along with Nam Joo Hyuk. I look forward to the future of Suzy, who will grow into “The Nation’s Actress,” going beyond “The Nation’s First Love.”

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