Lee Jin Hyuk Explains the Controversy that Has Been Surfaced Among His Fans

Singer and actor Lee Jin Hyuk explained that he received an apology from Kim Seul Gi for her controversial remarks, “Honey, see you later.”

Lee Jin Hyuk recently held a live stream on Instagram and brought up his drama Find Me in Your Memory, saying, “There is a misunderstanding that I want to clear.”

Credit: Instagram Live

Moon Ga Young, who is playing the role of Yeo Ha Jin in the drama, opened up an Instagram account under her character’s name and held Instagram live stream with Kim Seul Gi, who is playing the role of Yeo Ha Kyung, communicating with fans.

At the end, Kim Seul Gi finished the live stream by saying, “Honey, see you later.” Such a remark was made in line with the drama, where Lee Jin Hyuk and Kim Seul Gi started dating, and with a nuance to meet at the filming location. However, it sparked a controversy among some fans.

Lee Jin Hyuk said, “Some fans asked me to explain the situation. So I asked my manager to figure out what was happening. Kim Seul Gi also apologized to me. I decided to let it slide.”

Credit: Instagram Live

He also said, “I really didn’t know what happened during the live stream. What hurts me the most is that my fans are fighting with each other. This is my first drama and my debut work. I don’t want this to be the worst drama for my fans.”

However, he also made some remarks that jogged some discomfort among people, including, “How are you going to handle if I play the main role”, and “I’m not going to delve into further details though I’m a little upset.”

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