Jeon Somi Bravely Faces Hate Comments on Her Reality Show ‘I AM SOMI’

Credit: Youtube
Credit: Youtube

On April 24th, The Black Label’s Youtube channel shared a video of Jeon Somi reading hate comments.

The video showed Jeon Somi looking at articles about her graduation and their comments. She shared a picture of herself at her graduation and said, “I was going for a rich student concept for that day’s hairstyle. I wanted it to look like Dream High, but it didn’t look like that at all.”

Then Jeon Somi read through the comments on the articles and cutely thanked the ones who wrote nice things. When she came across some hate comments, she boldly set the people straight.

Someone commented, “I want to lift up her skirt,” and Somi showed the comment to the camera to put it on record. Another person commented that she had a bulging stomach, and Somi replied with, “I’m sorry, but what bulge. Girls wear stockings and shorts under their skirt, so their shirt might come out a little bit. That’s what they must’ve thought was the bulge. That’s fine.”

Somi’s fan tried to comfort her by commenting, “Don’t look at or listen to hate comments and just report them. You don’t even need to deal with them. They’ll do it more if you show that you care so you need to be cool-headed.”

After the video was uploaded on Youtube, Jeon Somi shared it on her Instagram story and wrote, “Watch Somi fighting back against hate comments! I’m going to reveal the usernames next time. Watch out.”

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