What the Actors Think the Charms of ‘When My Love Blooms’ Are

When My Love Blooms has begun a voyage to capture the viewers’ hearts with the grown-up romance of Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Bo Young, and the fresh romance of Park Jin Young and Jeon So Nee.

On April 17, an online production press conference was held for tvN’s new drama When My Love Blooms. Director Son Jung Hyun, Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Bo Young, Park Jin Young (GOT7), and Jeon So Nee were present at the scene.

Credit: tvN

When My Love Blooms depicts the affectionate emotional melodrama of Jae Hyun (Yoo Ji Tae) and Ji Soo (Lee Bo Young), who meet once again after their beautiful first love has passed and everything has been changed. Park Jin Young and Jeon So Nee play the younger days of the two characters.

Actors cited the power of the script as the reason behind their decisions to appear on the drama.

Yoo Ji Tae said, “The emotions of characters in their 20s and 40s are well reflected in the script. I really wanted to see the work with such emotions.” Then Lee Bo Young added, “I also decided to star in the drama because of the script. The drama hasn’t even aired yet, but if I may say, I think Ji Soo will be my favorite character. She’s lovely and charming.”

Park Jin Young said, “The script was so good. After I desired to appear on the drama after reading the script, I participated in the audition,” and Jeon So Nee added that she “was fascinated with the script.”

Credit: tvN

The charm of Park Jin Young and Jeon So Nee, who play the younger days of lead characters, is another key point for the viewers.

Yoo Ji Tae said, “I never had to chance to work with the two, but I’m cheering for them. The higher the density of love between the two, the more mournful it will get for the present Jae Hyun and Ji Soo.” Lee Bo Young said, “The chemistry between the two is perfect. They show all the beauty that the romance can present. I also feel heartwarming as I watch them.”

love blooms
Credit: tvN

How do the actors feel about their partner as they act as a couple?

Yoo Ji Tae said, “Bo Young is very stable when we film. And she loves the work. Her passion for acting is still hot,” and added, “I think I’m well influenced since I met such a good partner.” To which, Lee Bo Young said, “When I first heard the news of his appearance, I expected to see Yoo Ji Tae in ‘Ditto.’ Recently, he played the role of a villain more often, but I think he found the perfect image that suits him well once again. His synergy (with melodrama) will be great.”

Attention is focusing on whether this melodrama will be able to make a hit on the small screen, which has recently faced a slump. When My Love Blooms will premiere on April 25.

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