[Upcoming K-Drama] Character Guide to ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’

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An amazing and fantastic story will unfold on April 17.

The King: Eternal Monarch, a parallel universe fantasy romance drama, depicts the collaboration between Yi Gon, the emperor of the Korean Empire, and Jung Tae Eul, a detective of the Republic of Korea, as they close the gate of the dimension.

Writer Kim Eun Sook, the “hitmaker” in the drama industry, director Baek Sang Hoon of Descendants of the Sun, and director Jung Ji Hyun of Search: WWW has come together, drawing attention as one of the most anticipated works of 2020. The fact that prominent actors including, Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, Woo Do Hwan, Jung Eun Chae, and Lee Jung Jin, all confirmed their appearances raised expectations for the drama. We will look into the six main characters ahead of its first episode.


Lee Min Ho �” Yi Gon (33 years old. Emperor of the Korean Empire)

Credit: SBS

The third emperor of the Korean Empire. A perfect monarch with a beautiful appearance, elegant figure, calm personality, and both literary and artistic qualities. Contrary to appearances, the inside is edgy and obsessive. He also extremely reluctant about any form of touching as the night of revolt, which took the life of his father, remains as a trauma. He is always with Jo Young, general of the Imperial guard, and often escapes from the palace, using serving as a naval officer and academic conferences as excuses. Then one day, he meets a woman, a Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Lieutenant. Jung Tae Eul,’ who does not recognize him as the emperor of the Korean Empire at all.


Kim Go Eun – Jung Tae Eul (30 years old. Detective in a violent crime squad)

Credit: SBS

Jung Tae Eul is a passionate detective with a belief that “the guilty ones cannot sleep comfortably and those who are chased will be caught.” Instead of falling for Cinderella, Snow White, and Little Mermaid, she fell in love with the police force as a young girl. And it’s been six years since she became a detective in a violent crime squad after graduating Police Academy. But one day, she meets Lee Gon, the emperor from the parallel universe, in the middle of Gwanghwamun, and her life turns upside down.


Woo Do Hwan �” Jo Eun Sup (29 years old. Taking a leave of absence from School. Current public service worker)

Credit: SBS

He dreamt of becoming a firefighter, a police officer, Iron Man, a K-POP star, and son-in-law of the head of the conglomerate his entire life, but nothing has come true. Currently, he is taking a leave of absence from college and working as a public service worker in the civil service office at the National Police Agency. His life starts to go wrong when he meets a strange man claiming to be the emperor of the Korean Empire.


Woo Do Hwan �” Jo Young (29 years old. General of the Imperial Guard)

Credit: SBS

He is the first son of the military family and is general of the Imperial guard. After seeing Lee Gon ascending to the throne as a young emperor when he was four, he claimed himself to be the shadow of his master, only wishing for his happiness. To Jo Young, Lee Gon is a brother, a friend, and a country. Actor Woo Do Hwan will play the double role as Jo Young and Jo Eun Sup.


Jung Eun Chae �” Koo Seo Ryoung (38 years old. Prime Minister of the Korean Empire)

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She is the youngest and the first female prime minister of the Korean Empire. She was born in a poor family, but studied hard to earn the best academic background and became an anchorwoman of 9 o’clock news. She then married a man with money and power, entered the political world, and became the prime minister for seven years since she started her political career. She rages with jealousy when she heard the news that Lee Gon, who she has chosen as the next target, has a woman.


Lee Jung Jin �” Yi Rim (King Keumchin. 69 years old, but looks in his late 40s)

Credit: SBS

He is the half brother of the previous emperor and uncle of Lee Gon. He was born as the first son, but was never able to ascend to the throne since he was a child of a concubine. Later, he plotted conspiracy and succeeded in killing Lee Gon’s father, but was unable to become the next king. But his frightening ambition cannot be stopped. He now wants to be a god who rules the two universes. Actor Lee Jung Jin took on the role of a villain for the first time in his 22 years acting career.


Kim Kyung Nam �” Kang Shin Jae (33 years old. Detective in a violent crime squad)

Credit: SBS

A detective who was promoted from a police officer. After his father, who ran a small business, was arrested for embezzlement when he was a 7th-grade student, he spent a wondering time. But he found stability as he became a detective. As a teammate of Jung Tae Eul, he has feelings for her, and wonders how she thinks of him.

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