UPDATE: Jeon Somi’s Lamborghini Was Revealed on Her Reality Show ‘I AM SOMI’

UPDATED March 30:

Singer Jeon Somi is drawing keen attention as she was seen driving the Lamborghini.

The video was quite controversial, recording 529,241 views as of 8:00 a.m. on March 30 KST.

However, according to Star News, the vehicle that the singer was driving is not owned by her. Jeon Somi’s agency, Black Label, will cover the information regarding the vehicle in the next episode, which will be released on April 4.


Original Article

Images of singer Jeon Somi riding a Lamborghini have been released through her reality show, I AM SOMI, drawing attention.

Credit: I AM SOMI

On March 28, Black Label, her agency, uploaded the first episode of I AM SOMI with the title “TEARFUL GRADUATION.” This episode showed Jeon Somi, who recently graduated from high school, having a teary graduation ceremony with her friends an enjoying a surprise party afterwards at her agency.

However, the trailer for the next episode, which released at the end of the first episode, briefly showed the singer in the driver seat of the yellow Lamborghini. Smiling brightly, she waves to the camera, saying “I’ve upgraded my yellow car.”

The vehicle she is driving is the Lamborghini SUV, Urus, which is known to start around $207,326. Previously, she appeared in a show where she mentioned that this, in fact, is her “dream car.” Attention is being focused on whether Jeon Somi bought the car or whether it is owned by an acquaintance or company.

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