From ‘The Witch’ to ‘Itaewon Class’ – Attention Is Being Paid to what Kim Dami Will Accomplish Next

JTBC’s Itaewon Class ended yesterday. In the drama, Kim Dami played the role of Jo Yi Seo, making a hit. Attention is focusing on the actor’s next move, as she has been recognized in both the big and small screen.

Two years ago, Kim Dami quickly emerged as a one of the best rookie actors with her movie, The Witch : Part 1 – The Subversion. She was in fact casted out of 1500 people to play Ja Yoon, the female lead, showed off her presence by performing emotions that goes back and forth between good and evil, and even challenging the action scenes.

Credit: The Witch Part 1 (FILM COMPANY GEUMWOL)

The movie gathered about 3 million viewers, and Kim Dami swept the New Actor Awards that year, including Blue Dragon Film Awards, Grand Bell Awards, and Buil Film Awards.

Having made a strong impression in the film industry, she chose drama, Itaewon Class, rather than a movie as her next move. The drama first aired on January 31 and its finale episode recorded 16.5% viewership.

Despite the fact that some strongly stated that Kim Dami was not fit to play Jo Yi Seo, nevertheless, she quelled the controversy with her own charm and acting prowess.

Credit: JTBC

Now that the drama is over, she will be returning to the big screen with Hello, My Soulmate (literal translation). The film is a remake of the same-name Chinese film directed by Peter Chan, who directed the “Comrades” series.

Also, according to an official from the film industry, the production team of The Witch is currently in talk of producing The Witch 2. Although the movie has been delayed due to internal investment issues, it is expected that the production will begin during the second half of the year and be released next year.

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