‘Kingdom 2’ Ju Ji Hoon Confessed that He Is a Huge Fan of Jeon Ji Hyun

Kingdom mixed zombies with the plague, captivating the world. Returning after two years, the second season of Kingdom is already heating up Netflix fans around the world with more dynamic actions, solid narrative and messages.

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One of the most eye-catching things about this film is the growth of the main character, Prince Lee Chang. Faced with terrible plague and the miserable lives of Dongnae, Lee Chang makes the strong impression by fighting against the plague and Cho family and move fiercely forward to shed the light on the solution for the plague.

Ju Ji Hoon revealed his affection for Kingdom, the staff and the actors. “It’s natural for me to feel affections for the actors and staff in every movie, but Kingdom spent such a long time physically together. We all met often to discuss together. We’ve been together for almost two years. As I watch the series alone, I was suddenly overwhelmed,” he said, confessing that sent his gratitude to the production team and the fellow actors.

When asked about writer Kim Eun Hee, he drew attention by saying, “It’s fun to read her script, but it’s really hard to act them out.” “For example, it was difficult to act the complicated emotions as I had to face the King’s death, Lord Ahn Hyun’s death, who I thought of as a father, then tuning him into zombie personally and eventually killing zombie-turned Lord Ahn Hyun with my own hands,” he explained.

Credit: Netflix

He also talked about his concerns regarding the bigger scales of the action scenes. “Lee Chang is not a warrior. So I had to put in a lot of thoughts efforts into how my actions won’t look so professional but not so clumsy and with such leadership,” he said. Also when it comes to bows, which stood put in the second season, he added, “It was never easy. And since I’m pretty tall, the bow looked so small and I looked petty. So we attached two arrows together at the scene.”

He also expressed his surprise with actor Jeon Ji Hyun’s appearance at the end. “I’ve always been a fan of her since I was young and wanted to work with her. We didn’t filmed together, in fact I’ve never met her. I’ve never even heard her voice in person,” he said. “I read the script for the second season on the plane. I was with Ryu Seung Ryong on our way to a conference in Singapore. We were both surprised as we read it. Also I heard the news about Jeon Ji Hyun pretty late and I was shocked. I thought to myself ‘What is happening?’”

When asked about the third season of Kingdom, he answered “I don’t know about season three yet. It will only come out if the viewers want it. So if you want the third season, you gotta crave it so Netflix will move.”

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