‘Tell Me What You Saw’ Presents a Thrilling Twist → Viewer Ratings Peaked as High as 4.1%

The real face of the serial killer from OCN’s drama Tell Me What You Saw was revealed. He was a policeman (Eum Moon Suk) who hid his identity with a friendly face. The small screen panicked by the twist, in which Jang Hyuk, Choi Soo Young, Jin Seo Yeon and even viewers were deceived.

The 12th episode of OCN’s original drama Tell Me What You Saw aired on March 8 represented an average of 3.8% viewership and peaked as high as 4.1%.

Credit: OCN

Even from the start, the episode presented back-to-back twist in the story, grabbing the attention. However, the highlight was when “the guy” finally showed his face at the end. Five years ago in Junggun Samgeori, he took off the handcuffs and the jacket. Then, he entered the crime scene in the police uniform he was wearing inside and began to clean up the explosion site. The identity of “the guy” was a policeman Kang Dong Sik (Eum Moon Suk).

To this, Kim Ryun Hee, the chief producer of the drama told Star News that “the production team put in a lot of efforts to hide the identity of Eum Moon Suk.” He also added how they added the actor’s name in the subtitle as “special appearance.”

He also revealed behind-the-scenes stories by adding how “management and production staff (of Eum Moon Suk) have also been ordered to be silenced.” He also commented that during the early shooting of the actor, nobody, except for the special members of the production team, “knew what scenes were being filmed.”

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