‘Doctor Romantic 2’ Ends With Its Highest Ratings Ever

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Credit: SBS

SBS medical drama Doctor Romantic 2 finally ended with its own record-high viewer ratings.

The finale of Doctor Romantic 2, which aired on Feb. 25th, recorded the average rating of 27.1 percent and the highest moment rating of 28.4 percent (provided by Nielsen Korea). The drama is the first mini-series to surpass the ratings of 25 percent in 3 years among the ones of three terrestrial television stations. It also topped the ratings chart of the dramas aired at the same time for 8 straight weeks, accomplishing a successful end. Just like season 1, Doctor Romantic 2 was praised for its solid narrative, lively directing and excellent performances of the cast, which created a perfect synergy all together.

In the final episode, Seo Woo Jin (acted by Ahn Hyo Seop) and Cha Eun Jae (acted by Lee Sung Kyung) became a couple, confirming each other’s love. Kim Sabu embraced Park Min Kook (acted by Kim Joo Heon), who had been at odds with himself, and turned him into the guardian for Doldam Hospital. Thus, Doldam Hospital finally became an independent corporation separate from Geosan University Hospital, no longer being interfered by Geosan University Hospital. Do Yoon Wan, the villain who failed to remove Kim Sabu from Doldam Hospital, caused an uproar in anger, but Kim Sabu and his teammates left him behind and started another day at Doldam Hospital with new emergency patients.

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Credit: SBS

Ahn Hyo Seop played Seo Woo Jin, a general surgeon who grows up from a money-hungry doctor to a romantic doctor in Doctor Romantic 2. “I’d like to thank the directors, the writer, all staff, my fellow actors including Han Suk Kyu and many others who have struggled for their hard works in the invisible places for five months. It’s my honor to be able to work with them,” Ahn said. He also sent a grateful message to the supportive viewers of Doctor Romantic 2, saying, “thanks to your support and love, Seo Woo Jin was able to exist and I was able to grow as much as Woo Jin.”

Lee Sung Kyung played Cha Eun Jae, a cardiothoracic surgeon who overcomes her own trauma over the operating room after meeting with Kim Sabu. “Everything was good during the work, so I’m going to miss it and feel something lacking for a long time,” she said. As for her feelings of acting with Han Suk Kyu, she said, “every moment of acting with him, staring at each other’s eyes, was hot. I was able to get a lot of energy.” Lee also thanked her fans and declared them to come back with better work and acting. “I think Doctor Romantic 2 will be remembered as the most empowering piece to improve myself,” she added.

Han Suk Kyu portrayed Kim Sabu, a geek genius doctor who leads the drama. He expressed his special affection for the character, saying, “Kim Sabu is a person who has a lot of my own view of life and values.” He appreciated the fans for the consecutive successes of season 1 and season 2, saying, “I’ve felt really reassured that the viewers have given us so much support and applause from the first episode.” Han lastly offered a positive response to the production issue of next season. “if I have a chance, I’ll wait with hope and expectation for season 3,” he said.

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Credit: Kim Min Jae Instagram (@real.b)

“We want to sincerely thank all the viewers for their unwavering support and explosive interest in Doctor Romantic 2 as well,” Samhwa Networks, the production company of the whole Doctor Romantic saga, revealed its feelings of the drama’s end. “We hope this drama has comforted you for a little while in your tiring and hard life,” it added.

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  • from season 1 to season 2 you did a great job Dr. Kim …. Hooray to all the cast and staff CONGRATULATIONs 🎉 looking forward for the season 3 hoping to see season 1 and 2 cast together….i am a fan here in the Philippines 😘

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