Kim Jung Hyun After ‘Crash Landing on You’: I’ve Got Hope of Acting Happily Thanks To This Drama

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Credit: tvN

Crash Landing on You reached its highest viewer ratings ever (21.7 percent, provided by Nielsen Korea) and ended brilliantly with the records exceeding that of Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. In Crash Landing on You, Actor Kim Jung Hyun played Gu Seung Joon, a young businessman who suddenly appears like a comet in the high society of Korean chaebols and enthralls people with his silver tongue. This character was sometimes portrayed as a shameless person but became prudent at other times.

Kim Jung Hyun revealed his thoughts in an interview after the end of the drama. “We finished the work very well because a lot of viewers loved us. I’m still enjoying the lingering afterglow,” he said.

“I never knew Gu Seung Joon would die. I was a little disappointed to see him die in the early 16th episode after receiving the script for the last episode, but I think Gu was able to grow up in another way through his own death,” Regarding Gu Seung Joon’s death in the finale of the drama, Kim said. In the drama, Gu Seung Joon throws away his life to save Seo Dan. Kim Jung Hyun continuously explained about it, saying “For Gu Seung Joon, it’s meaningless to have money without Dan, and I think it’s been proved that Seung Joon, who realized the futility of living to protect money, eventually grew to the higher level.”

On the secret of the success of Crash Landing on You, he became silent on his own contribution and highlighted the fellow actors’ acting as well as the power of direction and scenario. “I guess our writer’s script and the acting of my seniors who perfectly digested it took up a big part of this hit. Yoon Seri and Lee Jung Hyuk shined far brighter because all the actors including those who played funny roles did great jobs,” he said, adding that he was also grateful for attention and love the viewers gave him.

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Kim Jung Hyun recalled when he had met his counterpart Seo Ji Hye for the first time and appreciated her goodwill, saying “I thought she would be taciturn, cold-hearted and haughty. However, I was able to act comfortably thanks to her open-minded, frequent smiles and friendly comments.” He also appreciated to the two lead actors, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, saying “they were very open-handed to me on the set, and very considerate to me as well to prepare for my acting in peace based on the script.” As for Gu Seung Joon’s variable attitude between Yoon Seri and Seo Dan, Kim attributed his success to Park Ji Eun, the scriptwriter of Crash Landing on You. “Seung Joon approached Seri because of his purpose and necessity, but his relationship with Dan was more humane. That’s why there was a temperature gap when he dealt with the two women respectively, and I was able to portray it clearly thanks to the script,” he said.

Kim Jung Hyun dropped out of the MBC drama Time in August 2018, complaining of eating and sleeping disorders, and has been trying to restore his body and mind during break of a year and five months. “I’ve realized that I’ve been too much neglected and driven without loving myself,” he said. Kim has managed himself while also being assisted and treated by experts. “I had a craving for work and acting during my hiatus. Appearing on Crash Landing on You, I really enjoyed the process of working. I was happy to have the opportunity to make a result as magnificent as a medal,” he mentioned.

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“I feel a desire to grow up and change myself whenever I face the works, but it’s not enough yet,” said Kim Jung Hyun, who has already made his sixth year since debut, in a humble manner. He also expressed his wish to become an actor who shares emotions and experiences with the audience while making a good influence on them through acting. Lastly, he sent a thankful message to his fans, saying “thank you very much for being there whether I’m visible or not. I was so encouraged and cheered up a lot.”

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