K-Drama Review: ‘Doctor Romatic’ Season 2 is Finally Out!

Edited by Seo Hae Ran
Translated by Yoon Min Seo


Since its first season, Doctor Romantic Season Two has finally come out in three years time!

5e1e9a504ae978719a37a916-p.jpgCredit: SBS

In the second season, Teacher Kim is still his unusual self and his eager-to-help students help him fight against those who are rich and unbothered by the unfortunate lives of many others.

The hospital that the main characters work in is called Doldam Hospital, and though it looks old and useless, the abilities of the doctors at this hospital are known to be outstanding. The hospital, though it is the same one as Season One, has a different situation occurring, as all the young doctors from the previous season have left and the villain Do Yoon Wan has returned. Because of Do Yoon Wan, Teacher Kim’s original plans of making Doldam hospital become a trauma hospital gets shattered.

The drama focuses on the two sides of those who want only money out of the hospital and those who are actually wanting to help people in need. Though the main character Teacher Kim (Han Suk Kyu)’s time has gotten cut short since the last season, the other characters get more involved as the story unfolds this season.

The two young doctors-in-training that are in this season is in a worse situation than the ones from season one. One of the doctors-in-training, Seo Woo Jin, is not only in debt, but because of this debt, he puts more importance on money. The other doctor-in-training, Cha Eun Jae, is a top student within the field, but always ends up failing her surgeries due to her nervous breakdown. The two are chosen by Teacher Kim, and try their best to put their past circumstances aside as they work at the Doldam Hospital and realize their motivation in becoming great doctors within their field.

The two doctors-in-training aren’t the only ones maturing in their growth towards becoming a good doctor, but the main villain named Park Min Kook also takes a step towards changing for the better in a very surprising and unexpected way.

The romantic aspects of season two has become even more than that of season one. The relationship between that of Woo Jin and Eun Jae includes a lot of their past, as they’ve known each other for a long time, which puts a touching and heartwarming aspect into their growing relationship. The kiss scene they share at the end of Episode 8 really shows their deep history and finally finalizes their feelings towards one another.

This drama does an excellent job on portraying the lives of many different people in various situations. It also depicts a lot of the problems in South Korea’s society, such as family domestic violence in Episode 7, and also depicts a real-life situation from 2018 during Episode 8 in which a fireman died while helping out a drunk. All of these real-life scenarios help keep the drama more relatable to the audience watching.

Season two is filled with more love, growth, and drama compared to that of season one, so be prepared to feel all kinds of emotions as you delve in to the world of Doldam Hospital! (6.5/10)

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