Let’s Throw it Back to When Heechul Confessed to Momo on Television and it Went Unnoticed

There was a time back in 2017, when TWICE appeared as guests on the very first episode of Pot Stand. A segment from this episode has been gaining much attention, because Heechul had confessed to Momo without anyone even realizing.

The clip shows Jeongyeon demonstrating an electric wine opener, and Sana mentioning that she would rather have a future boyfriend open it by hand. Right after this segment, Heechul goes to role-play a boyfriend opening up a bottle for his girlfriend, and that’s right, you guessed it….. the ‘girlfriend’ was acted out by Momo!

While role-playing, Heechul says “Momo. I like you”, to which many have began to speculate that he may have actually liked her for much longer than most people have guessed!

We’re really hoping that this love lasts, since Heechul seems to have had his heart stolen by Momo for a long time. Honestly, couple goals.


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