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    [PICK] Short Films by Famous Directors

    Edited by Hwang Hong Sun Translated by Kim Hoyeun Short films are not studies for feature films. Rather, they hold difficulty in clearly conveying the meaning of the movie in a short amount of time. In this regard, short films convey a unique charm that cannot be felt in the feature film. Many prolific directors […] More

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    [PICK] 10 Women Centric Films that Captured Both Fun and Messages

    Edited by Hwang Hong Sun, Hong Hyun Jung, Yang Young Jun Translated by Kim Hoyeun Amid the recent meaningful results of women-centric films that present both fun and messages, the Directors Guild of Korea announced ‘Bechdel Test 10’ to encourage the industry to capture various voices based on the ‘Bechdel Test’ on August 12. Let’s […] More