[PICK] 10 Women Centric Korean Movies that Captured Both Fun and Messages

Edited by Hwang Hong Sun, Hong Hyun Jung, Yang Young Jun
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

Amid the recent meaningful results of women-centric films that present both fun and messages, the Directors Guild of Korea announced ‘Bechdel Test 10′ to encourage the industry to capture various voices based on the ‘Bechdel Test’ on August 12. Let’s take a look at what works are included on the list.

*Bechdel Test: Standards designed by American female cartoonist Alison Bechdel to evaluate how frequent and active women are presented in the works


Kim Ji Young: Born 1982

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

The movie captures various situations that every Kim Ji Young born in 1982 would have encountered at least once in their life. The wounds left on Ji Young as she lived as someone’s daughter, mother, and wife were caused by hatred and discrimination, and were sometimes inadvertently perpetrated as a habit. Rather than nitpicking someone’s faults, the movie looks back on the lives of women in our society by comforting the pain Ji Young suffered.


Baseball Girl

Credit: Sidus Corporation

It tells the story of Joo Soo In, the only female baseball player on a high school baseball team, challenging the pro league. The world doesn’t give her a chance because of her gender, and people around her advise her to give up on her dream. But in front of everyone who pre-judge her future, Soo In takes the mound alone. The movie supports Soo In and her undying dream.


Moonlit Winter

Credit: Little Big Pictures

Moonlit Winter is a heartwarming “melo” drama that brings back memories of first love and a “healing” drama that comforts and cares for our scars. Yoon Hee faces her painful past in Hokkaido and gains the power to restore the meaning of love and heal herself. Through Yoon Hee, who had to live with her first love buried in her heart due to the world’s prejudice, the movie sends a message of support and solidarity to “all Yoon Hee in the world,” who had to live under a guise.


Lucky Chan-Sil

Credit: Challan Film Company

Life’s crisis is bound to come at unexpected moments. Director Kim Cho Hee’s feature debut film, Lucky Chan-Sil, pleasantly depicts Chan Sil, who suddenly became unemployed, looking back at all the people and relationships in her life and taking another brave step. The unctuous performances of actor Kang Mal Geum also adds to the movie’s lovely and frank charm.


A French Woman

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

The movie revolves around Mi Ra, who had left for Paris with a dream to be an actor, returning to Seoul to meet people and having a special experience where dreams and reality intersect. The film follows Mi Ra, who does not belong in either France or Korea and looks around her surroundings as a stranger, and explores the identity of Mi Ra by densely depicting her empty and lonely heart.


Our Body

Credit: JINJIN Pictures

It is about Ja Young, who lost her ambition after many grueling years of studying for the public official exam, finding the joy in running after meeting a beautiful and fit runner Hyun Joo. Experiencing running for the first time in her life, Ja Young gradually frees herself from the eyes of the other and regains the vitality of her life. At first glance, it is believed to be the story of a young woman exhausted from life stepping out into the world with running, but the movie goes one step further into women’s raw desire.



Credit: at9 Film

The discovery of embarrassing X-ray photograph causes trouble at a hospital. On the surface, it seems like the story of Yoon Young, a nurse who is worried that she and her boyfriend might be the ones in the photo, but underneath, the movie pierces social issues, such as dating abuse and illegal filming, where most victims are women. The charm of the movie is the way it delivers such heavy topics in such witty manners.


Another Child


It is about Joo Ri and Yoon Ah, both second-year high school students, learning about their parents’ affair and trying to take care of the situation. It was well-received for its gripping portrayal of the subject of an affair with wit and humor and the fact that it is centered around female characters.


House of Hummingbird

Credit: at9 Film

The movie, set in 1994 when the Seongsu Bridge collapsed, calmly reflects the daily life of 14-year-old girl Eun Hee. The movie captures the virtues of female films in the growth story of Eun Hee, who has been adapting herself to a repressive life. It received rave reviews for the actors’ performances and its delicate production that universally captured the daily lives of individuals.


The House of Us

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Ha Na is worried about her parents fighting all the time, while Yoo Mi and Yoo Jin hate that they move all the time. So the three team up to protect “the house of us.” Director Yoon Ga Eun’s thoughtful directing as she unraveled the world from a child’s point of view and child actors’ fresh and innocent actings have certainly captivated many audiences.

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