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    [PICK] Underrated Time Travel Movies

    Edited by Hwang Hong Sun Translated by Kim Hoyeun We often enjoy vicarious pleasure by watching movies or dramas. And the chance of it actually happening is close to zero, the more satisfied we are. This is why time travel became such a favorable topic. Fantasy of traveling time realizes unimaginable things on our behalf, […] More

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    Byun Yohan and Shin Hye Sun Might Reunite in New Thriller Film

    Byun Yohan and Shin Hye Sun are currently in talks to star in a new movie. According to reports, Byun Yohan and Shin Hye Sun were offered to play the leading roles in the new thriller film She’s Dead (literal title) and are positively reviewing it. She’s Dead depicts what happens when a man who […] More