4 Korean Celebrities Accused of Cheating or Stealing Someone Else’s Spouse

Jung Eun Chae infidelity
Credit: Will Entertainment, Dispatch, SBS, Topstar News
Public life in Korea can be unforgiving, especially for celebrities caught in cheating scandals. Here’s a look at some Korean stars whose alleged affairs with married partners resulted in lawsuits and damaged reputations.

Kang Kyung Joon
Kang Kyung Joon
Credit: jang Shin Young’s Instagram, Yonhap News, Online Community

Kang Kyung Joon was sued last December for 50 million won ($36,375) in damages by the husband of his alleged affair partner. The star married actress Jang Shin Young in 2018 and has two sons. He gained popularity and support for his harmonious family life through his appearances on the KBS 2TV variety show The Return of Superman. However, he was heavily criticized after it was revealed that he had exchanged affectionate messages with a married woman. The messages, which included phrases like “I miss you,” “I love you,” and “I want to be with you. Drinking is just an excuse,” were exchanged through messaging app Telegram. Since then, he has remained silent, closing down his social media accounts where he used to communicate with the public. His former agency also stated that their exclusive contract expired in October of last year.

UN’s Choi Jung Won
UN Choi Jung Won
Credit: Will Entertainment, Lee Jin Ho’s Instagram

Choi Jung Won, a former member of K-pop group UN, broke his social media silence on May 15th, sharing an update with fans for the first time in roughly a year and four months. This comes after a public controversy erupted in January 2023. The singer-actor found himself at the center of an infidelity scandal when the husband of an alleged affair partner accused him on YouTube. The husband claimed Choi exchanged messages with his wife, including phrases like “I miss you” and “Let’s drink wine,” and even met with her. He subsequently filed a 50 million won ($36,375)  defamation lawsuit against Choi. It was also reported that the husband was going through a divorce at the time.

Choi vehemently denied the allegations and countersued the husband in February 2023. His lawsuit included accusations of blackmail, defamation, and insult. The police later cleared the husband of these charges due to lack of evidence, prompting him to file a further lawsuit against Choi for making false accusations. The two sides presented their opposing arguments during the first hearing n December of last year and a date for the next hearing has not been scheduled.

Kim Min Hee


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Renowned South Korean filmmaker Hong Sang Soo and celebrated actress Kim Min Hee first crossed paths in 2015 while collaborating on the film Right Now, Wrong Then. With Hong being a married man, their blossoming romance faced public criticism. In 2017, during a press conference for their film On the Beach at Night Alone, the couple publicly acknowledged their relationship, shocking many. Hong’s marital status further complicated matters. In 2016, he filed for divorce from his wife, but it was dismissed. He attempted again in 2019, but his efforts were once again unsuccessful.

Despite the controversies surrounding their relationship, Kim Min Hee has continued to thrive in her acting career, starring in several of Hong’s films, including The Day After, Grass, Hotel by the River, The Woman Who Ran, In Front of Your Face, The Novelist’s Film, Walk Up, and In Water.

Recently, a photo of Kim Min Hee sitting on a café terrace surfaced online. The image, initially posted on Instagram by writer Denis Lim, was captioned, “One day before the shooting of Director Hong Sang Soo’s 33rd film,” on May 9th.

Jung Eun Chae
Jung Eun Chae Jung Jun Il
Credit: OSEN

Jung Eun Chae‘s recent public acknowledgment of her relationship with Kim Chung Jae has reignited interest in her past infidelity rumors. She has been previously linked to singer Jung Joon Il and a Japanese actor Ryô Kase but her agency has denied these allegations, stating that these incidents were “strictly personal matters that occurred over a decade ago” and were “completely untrue.”

Jung Eun Chae Ryô Kase
Credit: Online Community

In 2013, rumors of a romantic relationship between Jung Eun Chae and Ryô Kase surfaced. The age difference of 12 years between the two and the fact that he was reportedly in a “common-law marriage” with someone else for five years sparked controversy. Jung Eun Chae’s agency had to issue a statement denying the relationship. Then in 2020, rumors of her relationship with singer Jung Joon Il emerged. It was alleged that she had met with Jung Joon Il, who was married at the time, and that his wife had claimed an affair between the two. his agency stated that “Jung Eun Chae was aware that Jung Joon Il was married,” further fueling the controversy. However, her agency maintained that “the meeting did occur, but Jung Eun Chae was the victim” in the situation.

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