Song Hye Kyo Talks About Her Evolving Career, Secret Funny Side and Dream Roles

song hye kyo next project
song hye kyo next project
Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Korea’s YouTube

Song Hye Kyo dished on her career, secret funny side, and dream role in a new interview for Harper’s Bazaar Korea.

In the video uploaded on the magazine’s YouTube channel on May 27th, Song Hye Kyo talks about how her taste in scripts has changed. “It’s definitely not what it used to be,” she admitted. “When I was younger, all I cared about was if the story was fun. But these days, I consider that the people who make it are really important no matter how fun the script is. The quality of the work really changes depending on who is involved. So now, I look for a good script, a talented crew, a director with a strong vision, and anyone who can make the characters shine.”

Moving on to personal goals, Song Hye Kyo revealed she doesn’t have a traditional bucket list. “I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to achieve or where I want to go,” she confessed. “I feel like I’ve always lived without thinking much about it. But there are a few things that I hope for: good health for my mom, a lifetime of happy memories with my dog Ruby, and continued success in my work.”

She then talked about a lesser-known side of herself. “People might not know this, but there are parts of me that only my closest friends see. It’s not something I can just switch on and off, and the situation has to be right for it to come out naturally. That being said, my friends actually find me very funny. They say I have these funny quirks, but I don’t really see it myself.”

On her strengths, she said, “I think my strength is that I try to be positive. I try to think positively and optimistically even in bad, negative situations.”

She also spoke about personal growth. “I was definitely a bit shy when I was younger,” she admitted, “But I’ve come out of my shell a lot more over the years. It’s made me appreciate the small things I used to take for granted. Even a quiet day with nothing special going on can feel like a big gift. This change has definitely made me a more grateful person.”

Finally, Song Hye Kyo expressed her desire to explore new acting territory. “Working in genres like The Glory and The Black Nun has been an absolute joy,” she said. “It’s opened my eyes to new possibilities. Honestly, I’d love to try comedy someday. I’ve played a lot of serious characters, and lately, I’ve been feeling a strong urge to show my lighter side.”

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