ILLIT’s Agency Files Lawsuit Against Min Hee Jin Over Plagiarism Claims

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Credit: Belift Lab, HYBE

Belift Lab, the agency representing ILLIT, has officially filed a lawsuit against Min Hee Jin, CEO of ADOR, over allegations of plagiarism.

On May 22nd, Belift Lab announced, “Today, we have filed a complaint against CEO Min Hee Jin for obstruction of business and defamation. Min Hee Jin has caused damage by making false claims against our company and our artists.”

Belift Lab firmly denied the plagiarism accusations, stating, “We want to clarify that the allegations of plagiarism against our artist ILLIT are untrue. We have provided the necessary evidence to the judicial authorities to prove that these claims are baseless. Although it may take some time, we will ensure that the truth is revealed through proper legal procedures.”

The agency emphasized the importance of objective evaluation, saying, “Determining plagiarism of intellectual property should be based on reasonable standards and procedures, not on biased or distorted interpretations. Despite this, our artists and staff have been unfairly disparaged due to unfounded speculations and false information.”

Regarding ILLIT, the agency expressed concern, stating, “Although this issue is not related to ILLIT, the members have been subjected to severe malicious comments, ridicule, and personal attacks. We earnestly request an end to the baseless defamation, malicious slander, and the spreading of false information.”

Previously, Min Hee Jin, CEO of ADOR, accused ILLIT, a group produced by HYBE’s Bang Si Hyuk, of plagiarizing NewJeans. This has intensified the ongoing conflict between HYBE and ADOR. As the legal battle unfolds, fans and industry insiders alike are watching closely to see how this high-stakes dispute will impact the future of both ILLIT and NewJeans.

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