Lee Joo Bin Says She Had No Idea Her Role in ‘Queen of Tears’ Was a Villain

lee joo bin queen of tears
lee joo bin queen of tears
Credit: Esquire Korea

Lee Joo Bin recently shared the extensive preparation she poured into her role for Queen of Tears. On the 23rd, Esquire Korea featured Lee Joo Bin in a spread titled “All Seasons of Lee Joo Bin.” The photo shoot peered behind her glamorous public persona, revealing a more personal side through various characters she has portrayed.

Clad in outfits ranging from pajama-like suits to elegant cocktail dresses, she effortlessly personified a casual, day-at-home vibe. Despite the challenging directive to maintain a casual feel while delivering the necessary tension for the shoot, Lee Joo Bin swiftly nailed each shot, earning admiration from the crew.

lee joo bin queen of tears
Credit: Esquire Korea
lee joo bin queen of tears
Credit: Esquire Korea

In the accompanying interview, Lee Joo Bin’s unique charm was on full display. Currently appearing in Queen of Tears, she confessed to being anxious about not living up to her experienced co-stars, often rehearsing their lines at home alone. She expressed surprise at learning her character Cheon Da Hye was a villain, saying, “I put so much into becoming Da Hye, and everything about her is my acting. So every action and emotion of Da Hye made sense to me, so I never thought of her as the villain.” She whimsically added, “Watching the recent episodes, I thought, ‘Gosh, she’s quite the bad guy’ and ‘Be kind, Da Hye.'”

Lee Joo Bin also shared insights into the filming environment, the positive impacts of her challenging twenties, and anecdotes about her cameo in the Netflix series Chicken Nugget and director Lee Byung Heon. Her ongoing series Queen of Tears is approaching its grand finale this weekend. Fans can also look forward to seeing her as detective Han Ji Soo in the cyber investigation team in the highly anticipated The Roundup: Punishment, set to premiere on April 24th.

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