Lee Jae Wook Redefines Masculinity in Bold One-Shoulder and Unique Colored Lenses

lee jae wook dating
lee jae wook
Credit: Singles Korea
In a recent photoshoot and interview with the magazine Singles Korea, Lee Jae Wook showcased a blend of strong yet gentle charisma under the theme of “Redefining Masculinity.” The shoot, which creatively featured vintage cars and flowers for the May issue, saw Lee experimenting with unique color lenses and bold one-shoulder tops, drawing enthusiastic reactions from the crew on set.

During the interview, Lee spoke candidly about transitioning away from his role as Han Tae Oh in Disney Plus’s The Impossible Heir. “I generally try to keep my characters separate from my everyday life,” he shared. “Even though it can be challenging after emotionally intense scenes, I don’t hold onto the character’s emotions. Tae Oh is a restrained character despite the occasional intensity, hiding his feelings and maintaining composure. Now, I’m trying to shed some of the habits I picked up while playing him. I noticed how I covered my mouth when I was talking.”

lee jae wook
Credit: Singles Korea
lee jae wook
Credit: Singles Korea
Lee Jae Wook has rapidly risen to popularity but admits he is still ambitious. “I always feel nervous and anxious on set, especially at the start of shooting a new character. I constantly question whether I have grasped the director’s vision correctly, or if I am truly embodying the character I want to portray,” he revealed, expressing his deep passion for acting.

The actor also mentioned an interesting habit when taking on new roles: he changes his perfume. “Choosing a fragrance that matches the character helps with the excitement of a new role and fosters a sense of belonging to the character,” he explained. Addressing comments on how well suits fit him, Lee acknowledged, “People often say I appear more mature than my age. I think it’s because I usually try to speak carefully.”

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When asked about a moment when he realized the weight of his words, Lee recounted experiences from his time working part-time before becoming an actor. “I realized then how one mistake could lead to another, creating uncontrollable situations,” he said. “Now, more people recognize me, and I spend a lot of time on recorded sets, which has made me more cautious in how I speak.”

lee jae wook
Credit: Singles Korea

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