NewJeans Responds to Malicious Rumors Surrounding Their Taiwan Music Video Shoot

newjeans controversy
newjeans controversy
Credit: ADOR

In the midst of preparing for their latest album release, NewJeans found themselves entangled in a controversy while shooting a music video in Taiwan. ADOR, NewJeans’ agency, addressed the allegations head-on, denying any misconduct during the shoot.

ADOR released an official statement on April 1st, clarifying, “Our company had obtained official filming permits from the Taipei city government and police, and our shoot was conducted within the authorized parameters. Despite having staff members holding signs asking not to take pictures, there were individuals who attempted to photograph the restricted areas. In these instances, our team politely requested photo deletions, to which everyone cooperatively complied.”

Furthermore, the agency addressed concerns of disrespect or high-handedness, stating, “There were absolutely no incidents of shouting or rude behavior at the filming site.”

The controversy was ignited by a report from the international news outlet ETtoday on April 1st (local time), alleging that NewJeans had conducted road filming without permission and inspected citizens’ mobile phones. These claims were initially based on a post from the Taiwanese anonymous community site PTT.

A PTT user recounted stumbling upon the filming site, observing, “When I saw three large cars stopped on the road, I was curious about who was inside. A staff member yelled at someone, even though they weren’t holding a phone, to move away.” They also claimed, “When asked if they had a permit for road occupation, a staff member answered, ‘No.'” Another post alleged, “A staff member inspected the mobile phone of a middle-aged woman passing by the filming site.”

Regrettably, these allegations were unfounded, and NewJeans unjustly faced criticism in Taiwan. Fans of NewJeans have expressed their distress over the situation, with comments like, “All the trolls should be sued,” and “I feel bad for the girls.” In January, NewJeans had previously announced ongoing legal actions against defamation and slander.

Looking ahead, NewJeans is focusing on the release of their upcoming album How Sweet set to launch on May 24th.

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