‘Pyramid Game’ Star Bona Speaks Out Against Imitating On-Screen Violence

bona pyramid game
bona pyramid game
Credit: TVING

WJSN member and actress Bona has made her mark as an actress through Pyramid Game.

The TVING original series Pyramid Game delves into the dark recesses of high school life at Baekyeon High School’s class 2-5, where students are engulfed in a brutal survival hierarchy determined through secret ballots that designate outcasts monthly. Bona inhabits the role of Seong Su Ji, who, upon transferring, quickly becomes a victim of school violence and leads a rebellion.

Explaining her attraction to the series, Bona stated, “When I first read the script, I was drawn in by its gripping narrative, reading up to episode four in one sitting. I found the premise fresh. What appealed to me most was that the protagonist isn’t purely good. I saw it as a reflection of human nature, where nobody is entirely good or bad, and I aimed to portray that balance.”

bona pyramid game
Credit: TVING

Pyramid Game serves as a stark exposé of the violence permeating society, mirrored within the school setting. Reflecting on her role as a bullying victim, she shared, “I braced myself for the emotional toll, but the reality was even more profound. It reignited my awareness of the seriousness of school bullying. As challenging as it was, it aided in conveying Su Ji’s emotional depth.”

She continued, “While filming, I often doubted if I could be as courageous as Su Ji. Taking a stand like she did seemed incredibly daunting, which is why I found her character so admirable. I wanted to highlight her bravery. But I hope such events never transpire in reality.”

Alarmingly, the fictional Pyramid Game has spilled over into reality, with reports of its imitation in schools, leading to group ostracization under the guise of play. This phenomenon even made its way into school newsletters. Bona lamented, “The core message of the drama is that ‘school violence can never be justified,’ making it particularly disheartening to hear about these imitations. I hope this serves as a wake-up call, emphasizing the importance of preventing such occurrences.”

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