5 Korean Celebrity Couples Who Shocked Fans With Divorce News in 2024

hwang jung eum divoce
Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Young Don
Credit: WHY ONE Entertainment

Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Young Don, a couple who received many blessings with a lavish wedding in 2016, have decided to go their separate ways after 8 years of marriage. Lee Young Don, a former professional golfer, was once the envy of many for his love with Hwang Jung Eum. However, the actress recently hinted at the ongoing divorce proceedings by posting cryptic messages and photos on Instagram.

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Lee Beom Soo and Lee Yoon Jin
Credit: News1

The news of the divorce between Lee Beom Soo and Lee Yoon Jin shocked many as they received much love for their appearance on the reality show The Return of Superman. Reports indicate Lee Yoon Jin initially wanted an amicable separation. However, after talks broke down, she was forced to file for divorce.

Credit: Lee Yoon Jin’s Instagram
Credit: Lee Yoon Jin’s Instagram

Later, Lee Yoon Jin quoted a line from Lee Kwang Soo’s book “Soil”, saying, “The audacity! How can someone not even feel a flicker of shame after such a terrible act?” This cryptic message came after a December post where she declared, “My first chapter is over,” and tagged Lee Beom Soo’s account. She also hinted at trouble in paradise with the phrase, “I’ve decided to stop being kind to the closest people who don’t deserve my kindness.” Shortly after, the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram, and speculation of a split began to swirl.

Seo In Young
Credit: Starnews

Just seven months after announcing her marriage last February, Seo In Young surprised fans with news of a divorce. Reports claimed her husband filed for divorce, citing her as the reason for split. The singer initially addressed the rumors, acknowledging some marital issues but firmly denying any plans for divorce or lawsuits. She stated, “We’re not getting a divorce.” Unfortunately, the speculation turned out to be true, and their marriage ended after only a year.

T-ara’s Areum
Credit: Areum’s Instagram

Former T-ara member Areum’s world has been turned upside down this year. After a seemingly happy marriage to a businessman in 2019, fans were stunned by news of their divorce in December. She also dropped a bombshell by revealing a new boyfriend.

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The situation took a dramatic turn when Areum made serious allegations of abuse against her husband. In a recent interview, she opened up about her kids, stating, “I was horrified to learn that my husband allegedly splashed urine on their faces. The more I hear, the more it breaks my heart. This kind of behavior is never okay, not even as a discipline.” Her claims have ignited public outrage and concern for her children’s well-being. The singer has stated that she will do everything she can to keep her kids safe.

Choi Minhwan and Yulhee
Credit: Hankyung

Choi Minhwan and Yulhee, an idol couple who recently appeared on a variety show and received a lot of attention, also announced through Instagram last December that they were getting a divorce. After admitting their relationship in 2017, they had a son the following year. They then got married in October of that year and went on to have twin daughters, receiving much attention and support as a young couple with three children. The two reportedly had conflicts over the issue of their children’s education and made many efforts to resolve them, but they eventually decided to go through divorce mediation. The husband will reportedly have custody of the three children.

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Other Celebrity Couples in the Midst of Divorce Proceedings

Singer Ben, Heo Dong Won, Choi Dong Seok and Park Ji Yoon, Rhymer and Ahn Hyun Mo, Kim Byung Man, Sung Jin Hwan and Oh Ji Eun, Jung Joo Yeon, Seo Sa Rang have also announced their divorces.

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