Ryu Jun Yeol Faces Backlash for Alleged Greenwashing

ryu jun-yeol relationships
ryu jun-yeol relationships
Credit: Greenpeace

Ryu Jun Yeol, celebrated for his role as a Greenpeace ambassador, has recently found himself at the center of a greenwashing controversy. On March 21st, Greenpeace issued a statement affirming the actor’s dedication to environmental causes, noting his active participation in various campaigns since 2016 and his recent appointment in April 2023 as Greenpeace East Asia’s first ambassador.

“Being an ambassador is based on an individual’s goodwill and is considered volunteer work,” Greenpeace stated, acknowledging they are reviewing inquiries from supporters and will take this opportunity to reassess and discuss their internal regulations regarding ambassadorship.

Greenpeace underscored its operational independence, emphasizing, “We do not accept funding from governments or corporations. Instead, we rely on individual and private foundation donations. One of our roles is to amplify the voices of citizens to instigate change within governments and corporations.”However, social media has been abuzz with criticisms of Ryu Jun Yeol, pointing out a perceived hypocrisy between his environmental advocacy and personal interests, particularly after an interview revealed his fondness for golf. Many expressed their disillusionment, with some even posting screenshots of their Greenpeace sponsorship cancellation, demanding the revocation of Ryu’s ambassadorship.

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ryu jun-yeol relationships
Credit: SBS News

The controversy intensified following Ryu’s attendance at a fashion brand event, where he was seen with a bag made from the leather of calves less than a year old, further fueling criticism.

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