Was Lee Yu Bi a “Rude Guest”? Actress Explains Her Controversial Wedding Look

lee yoo bi lee da in wedding
lee yoo bi lee da in wedding
Credit: SBS

Lee Yu Bi opened up about the recent controversy surrounding her outfit choice for her sister Lee Da In’s wedding. She appeared on SBS’s variety show Strong Heart VS on March 19th and addressed the criticism she received for being a ‘nuisance guest.’

As soon as the topic was brought up, Lee Yu Bi sighed and said, “I really wanted to talk about this.” Soon after, a photo was revealed showing Lee Yu Bi in a striking pink outfit. She explained that the outfit was chosen and bought by her sister. She said, “My sister wanted to buy the dress for me. So I said, ‘Go ahead, buy me whatever you want,’ and I was in the middle of filming a drama. I received a photo of the clothes she bought and said thank you.”

She continued, “I was busy filming on the day of the wedding. I had a ‘Hime’ cut wig on for my character, and my real hair was a mess underneath. Trying to be low-key, I wore a different wig for the wedding, but it kept slipping. A headband was the only way to keep it in place.”

Lee Yu Bi said, “I wore the exact same pink outfit in the drama too. I had to go to filming right after the wedding, so I just changed my wig and went to filming. I didn’t have time.” She added, “But people said I was trying to upstage my sister. I was so surprised.” She also emphasized, “There was a lot of talk about my outfit being pink at the time, but my sister wanted the groom’s side to be blue and the bride’s side to be pink. That’s why she chose that outfit.”

Lee Yu Bi said, “The photo went viral for a few days. I told my sister, ‘I’m going to make you wear an evening dress for my wedding.'” When the cast asked, “As a payback?” she laughed and replied, “Yes.”

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