RIIZE’s Anton and Eunseok Tackle Dating Rumors Head-On: SM to Take Legal Actions

riize eunseok
riize eunseok
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In a recent live broadcast, RIIZE’s Anton and Eunseok took a moment to address the whirlwind of rumors that have been circulating around them.

Anton shared his distress over the situation, saying, “There have been a lot of things happening these past few days, and so many stories not aligned with my intention, which made me sad. I’m truly sorry for any emotional distress our fans might have felt because of this. I wanted to convey my sincere feelings as soon as possible to clear up any confusion.”

Eun Seok also weighed in, emphasizing their innocence regarding the rumors, “The first thing I wanted to say is that there’s nothing our BRIIZE has to worry about. I also want to express our gratitude and apologies to the fans worried about us.”

The speculation began when a photo, believed to be of Anton holding hands with a woman back at his home in the U.S., started circulating on social media, sparking dating rumors. Similarly, rumors about Eunseok being involved with a former trainee surfaced, though they were later debunked as baseless.

In response to these issues, SM Entertainment, the powerhouse behind RIIZE, has declared a firm stance against the spread of false information and personal attacks, promising legal action against those responsible. The company stated, “We are fully aware of the situation and are reviewing the collected data. We plan to respond strongly through lawsuits without any settlement or leniency to ensure that those who committed these illegal acts are punished.”

Additionally, SM Entertainment highlighted ongoing issues of stalking, verbal abuse, and privacy invasion, targeting not only the artists but their families and friends as well. “Engaging in such acts constitutes criminal offenses against individuals, and legal action can be pursued. We strongly advise everyone to steer clear of involvement in such regrettable incidents,” the company advised.

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  • People really need to mind their own business, these idols are regular people who perform for our entertainment but once they leave the stage, leave them alone!! They are entitled to privacy whether or not they do date!!! Im a mother and would be furious if people were in my childs business during their free time. Let them enjoy life they work hard to bring their fans music give them a break!!!!

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