Han Seo Hee Under Fire Again for Leaked DMs Discussing Male Idol Singers

Credit: Han Seo Hee’s Instagram

Han Seo Hee is back in hot water, this time for name-dropping male idols in leaked messages with a friend.

Recently, Instagram direct messages between Han Seo Hee and a woman identified as “A” were leaked online. Han Seo Hee posted these messages on her private social media account, known as THEONLY, before they were leaked.

The conversation starts with Han Seo Hee asking A about her dating history. When A mentions dating singer “C”, Han Seo Hee expresses relief it wasn’t singer “D” from the same group. A defends D’s looks and explains she and S actually stayed in touch until last November, a year after their breakup.

Things get interesting when Han Seo Hee proposes a trade. She offers to set A up with singer-turned-actor “D” if A can introduce her to singer “E”. Han Seo Hee even suggests A lie about her age and tell him she’s younger.

The conversation continues with A mentioning another idol,”F”. Han Seo Hee expresses interest, boasting that she can financially support three male idol singers all at once.

In other messages, Han Seo Hee reveals she invited F to her place and that he came over wearing perfume. She also says that she was not impressed by his abs and that he wasn’t her style at all in person.

Han Seo Hee reveals they watched a show together. During this time, she allegedly made a critical remark about an unnamed idol’s appearance, saying, “How did that person get into an idol group?” The messages indicate he disagreed with her, saying, “Wow, your words are too harsh.” He then explained that the idol is a rapper. However, despite hiss defense, Han Seo Hee said she suggested the group should kick some members out.

This incident follows her previous controversy on January 30th. Han Seo Hee shared screenshots of a supposed KakaoTalk conversation with actor Ahn Hyo Seop on her private social media. In February, lawyer Kim So Yeon, representing Ahn Hyo Seop, filed a complaint against Han Seo Hee for violating laws related to sexual harassment and defamation.

Han Seo Hee took to Instagram today to deny involvement in the leaked conversations. She stated, “I just woke up to this news. I will be taking legal action against anyone who spreads false information about me. These messages are not from me, and I’m disappointed that journalists haven’t verified them before publishing articles.”

Credit: Han Seo Hee’s Instagram

>> Han Seo Hee Accused in Legal Firestorm Over Leaking Texts with Ahn Hyo Seop

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