Meenoi’s Huge Endorsement Deal Spark Debate Over Celebrity Salaries

meenoi aomg
meenoi aomg
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In the midst of a brewing conflict with her agency AOMG over a missed advertisement shoot, singer Meenoi’s income has come under the spotlight. It was revealed that she has been contracted for a six-month ad campaign with a hefty payday of 200 million won (approx. 151,000 USD).

Following Dispatch’s report, netizens have turned their attention to the hefty paychecks of celebrities. Comments like “I only knew her by face, but 200 million for six months is another world. How much do top stars make?” and “Eventually, the high fees for celebrity endorsements are reflected in consumer prices,” showcase the mixed reactions online.

Some express concern over the industry’s skewed pay structure, stating, “Staff are paid peanuts. What an abnormal structure,” and question the fairness, “Should regular employees making less than 100 million in a year be sympathizing with celebrities?”

However, there are voices that provide a counter-narrative, suggesting that “Having a famous celebrity or influencer as a model can significantly boost sales, justifying the high advertising expenses,” and “In any industry, there are groups that belong to the upper income bracket. The criticism toward Meenoi is too much.”

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