Meenoi vs AOMG Feud: Inside the Brewing Conflict

meenoi aomg
meenoi aomg
Credit: iMBC

The rift between Meenoi and her agency AOMG is deepening.

The controversy first emerged on February 5th, during a live stream by Meenoi, where she unexpectedly burst into tears and made several cryptic statements. She hinted at upcoming revelations, mentioning, “You will understand why I’m saying this around March,” and expressed a desire for the broadcast to become a talking point: “I want this broadcast to become an issue.”

Meenoi continued her unpredictable behavior with a series of rambling posts on Instagram, declaring, “I am fighting with myself,” and apologizing for not having maintained the humility she ought to have, admitting to having committed a “sin” of sorts that left many puzzled.

Amidst concerns over her emotional state and admissions of guilt, it was revealed that a botched advertising shoot was at the heart of the issue. Reports of Meenoi canceling a cosmetics brand commercial shoot two hours before prompted AOMG to clarify that the root cause was “a difference in understanding regarding the authority to sign the advertising contract.” They also assured that they’ve talked it out and promised to do their utmost in compensating the advertiser for any damages.

meenoi aomg
Credit: Meenoi Instagram

However, on March 4th, Meenoi reignited the controversy by disclosing that she hadn’t been privy to the advertising contract in advance and only learned after the payment was made that the contract had been signed with a “fake seal.” She emphasized that she had explicitly requested the shoot to be canceled because her request to change a term was denied.

This narrative was challenged on March 6th when Dispatch released a report including AOMG’s perspective, which shifted criticism back toward Meenoi. According to the report, the advertisement’s advance payment was 200 million won (approx. 150,000 USD), a fact confirmed to Meenoi through text messages. Meenoi seemed aware of the shooting arrangements, discussing them as recently as December and January.

However, Meenoi raised concerns about the payment amount, believing it to be 250 million won, and later objected to the electronic signing procedure. She unilaterally declared an inability to proceed without revised conditions, contradicting her claims about a “fake seal” and suggesting that this was in line with the usual contract signing practices between Meenoi and AOMG.

As the drama between Meenoi and her agency unfolds, discussions continue to heat up. Incidents such as Meenoi’s past tardiness to a festival without even an apology, and a prior controversy involving indoor smoking, are being brought back into the limelight, fueling further backlash.


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