‘The Roundup: Punishment’ Confirms April Release: The Monster Cop Strikes Back

the roundup punishment
the roundup punishment
Credit: ABO Entertainment

Mark your calendars for April 24th, as The Roundup: Punishment is set to take the entertainment world by storm with its confirmed release. The eagerly awaited teaser posters for the 4th installment of The Outlaws franchise have been unveiled.

They’re nothing short of spectacular, showcasing the formidable presence of Korea’s monster detective, Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok), and the newly introduced villain, Baek Chang Ki (Kim Mu Yeol), raising the stakes higher than ever.

The poster intriguingly contrasts Ma Seok Do’s thick leather jacket, symbolizing his relentless pursuit of criminals in Korea, against Baek Chang Ki’s lighter attire, hinting at the latter’s background as a mercenary involved in crimes spanning the Philippines and Korea. This wardrobe choice subtly alludes to the large-scale online illegal gambling syndicate, setting the scene for Ma Seok Do’s global investigation that promises to transcend borders and expectations.

the roundup punishment
Credit: ABO Entertainment

Adding to the anticipation is the series’ hallmark phrase, “I’ll wipe you out,” which stirs excitement among fans. This phrase takes on a dual meaning in The Roundup: Punishment, signifying Ma Seok Do’s commitment to eradicating crime and Baek Chang Ki’s ruthlessness in eliminating any obstacle in his path.

The intense rivalry between Ma Seok Do, dedicated to cleansing the streets of crime, and Baek Chang Ki, equipped with combat prowess and malevolence, promises an explosive showdown.

The Roundup: Punishment portrays the epic confrontation between monster detective Ma Seok Do and a villainous mercenary turned IT industry genius CEO, spearheading a large-scale online illegal gambling operation. The film stars Ma Dong Seok, Kim Mu Yeol, Park Ji Hwan, and Lee Dong Hwi, with director Heo Myeong Haeng, known for his action direction in The Roundup, at the helm. This highly-anticipated action flick hits the theaters on April 24th.

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Source: ABO Entertainment

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