UNIQ Leader Sungjoo’s Secret Marriage + Child Was Accidentally Revealed During A Live Broadcast

uniq kim sungjoo
uniq kim sungjoo
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Fans were completely caught off guard when idol Kim Sungjoo, leader of K-Pop boy group UNIQ, admitted to having a child and being in a relationship with his wife for what fans speculated to be for 5 years based on photos.

Kim Sungjoo, the main visual and leader of boy group UNIQ which debuted in 2014 and is currently more active in China since 2020, was revealed to have been keeping a big secret from his fans.

On February 16th, Sungjoo was celebrating his birthday with fans through a popular live broadcasting app in China. During the broadcast, Sugnjoo received a message from member Wenhan who sang “Happy Birthday” to him and ended the messaging saying, “Is your son still awake? Let me give him a hug from his uncle.”

Upon hearing the message, Kim Sungjoo was in so much shock that he abruptly ended the live broadcast after a sudden change in facial expressions and the “shock” fans mentioned seeing on his face. Soon after, fans became curious and began investigating to see if such a wild rumor could be true. Does this idol really have a child?

With some digging, fans were able to unearth past videos and broadcasts that showed evidence of Kim Sungjoo being in a relationship and having a child. When filming for Chinese video app Douyin, fans could see many children’s toys in the background among other basic necessities for kids. 

On March 2nd, Kim Sungjoo came forward and admitted on his Instagram that he has been in a secret relationship, married and even had a child. The message read, “”Hello, this is Kim Sungjoo of UNIQ. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for surprising so many people with the sudden news that recently spread throughout social media. I also apologize that I was not able to show myself in front of fans honestly. I wanted to deliver the news to my fans who always love and support me, but because it was a difficult matter that required caution, I couldn’t tell you. I know it’s too late, but I want to come forward with the truth. I will live on as a diligent husband and father from now on. Thank you.”

Credit: Sungjoo’s Instagram

In the end, fans were more supportive than expected leaving comments like, “Why should someone apologize for keeping their private life private? Congratulations,” and “I just hope his little family is happy and healthy,” as well as “It’s sad that because of deranged fans idols have to keep happy news like this a secret.” 

What do you think of this shocking revelation? Should idols be open about their private love lives and more or is it better to keep it a secret in order to maintain an image for fans? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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  • So what if he’s married and has a child. That’s not our business. That’s his personal life and SHOULD NOT have to apologize for living his life.

  • I believe there Private life is called Private for a reason. These entertainers don’t owe me or you anything past there music. I am happy to see that they are happy and so should anyone else who calls themselves a Fan.

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