Kim Seon Ho Reflects His Busy Year: From Fan Meetings to His Gratitude to Nam Joo Hyuk

kim seon ho nam joo hyuk
kim seon ho nam joo hyuk
Credit: YouTube “by PDC”

Kim Seon Ho shared insights during his stroll through Daehak-ro in a candid moment caught on the YouTube channel “by PDC.”

He shared, “My only hobby is walking.” Recalling days when he combined commuting with exercise for up to six hours a day, he noted, “Walking has helped me significantly in managing my mental health. Occasionally, some people recognize me, but they don’t really talk to me. Sometimes they ask for photos, but it’s okay.”

The past year marked a significant chapter for Kim Seon Ho, who embarked on his first-ever fan meeting tour across eight cities worldwide, meeting around 40,000 fans. Reflecting on the experience, he said, “It was my first fan meeting, and it felt really touching and healing.” The profound connection with fans led to an emotional moment, “I wondered who I was to deserve this love, but you all indeed became that special someone to me,” he shared at the time, visibly moved by the love and support.

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After announcing his return to the screen with the film The Childe, Kim Seon Ho has been tirelessly working on various projects, including The Tyrant, the drama In the Net, a special appearance in the Netflix series When Life Gives You Tangerines, and several theater productions. Despite a grueling schedule, he finds continuous work fulfilling, “One day, my manager told me we hadn’t taken a day off in months. But working non-stop wasn’t as bad as I thought. I have to work; taking a few weeks off feels challenging,” he remarked.

This year, Kim Seon Ho is set to grace television screens once more, returning after a three-year hiatus since the beloved tvN series Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. “I’m excited for the fans to feel proud when my new projects air this year,” he expressed with anticipation.

During the interview, Kim Seon Ho also reminisced about the “great people who have positively influenced me.” He recalled, “Nam Joo Hyuk is one example. When we met again after the show, he hugged me without a word, feeling like an older brother at that moment.” Continuing to thank the Start-Up crew, he shared, “The director and writer, they’ve all been benefactors to me,” and extended his gratitude to the Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha director, who also came to see him backstage after a performance.

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