‘Reborn of the Seven’ Teases Electrifying Comeback with New Faces, Old Vendettas

the escape of the seven season 2
the escape of the seven season 2
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Brace yourselves as the gripping tale of vendetta and survival unfolds with the highly anticipated return of Reborn of the Seven: War For Survival Season 2. The sneak peek into the table read has already set expectations soaring.

Following the captivating narrative of The Escape of the Seven, which introduced viewers to an unparalleled picaresque revenge saga, Season 2 dives into a reset battlefield of revenge. With Matthew Lee (Um Ki Joon) gathering a new “evil” coalition, all eyes are on Min Do Hyuk (Lee Jun), back from the depths of hell, as he prepares to play a dangerous game against them.

The table read was a powerhouse reunion of Kim Soon Ok’s universe, with stalwarts like Um Ki Joon, Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Jun, Lee Yu Bi, Lee Jung Shin, and more delivering explosive performances.

Um Ki Joon’s return as the more audacious Matthew Lee, masterfully weaving the madness of a man who designs a game in a world where lies become truth, mocking reality to bend to his will. Hwang Jung Eum shines again as Geum Ra Hee. Following her portrayal in Season 1 of a woman who would go as far as to kill her own daughter to protect her success, Season 2 promises to reveal even more chilling aspects of her character, heightening anticipation.

Lee Jun carried the narrative as the avenger Min Do Hyuk, returned from the dead, unfolding his quest to expose Matthew Lee’s true identity. Lee Yu Bi shone as Han Mo Ne, a star built on lies, promising a riveting performance.

Lee Jung Shin’s entry into the “Kim Soon Ok Universe” as the new character Hwang Chan Sung is a highlight not to be missed in Season 2. He plays Hwang Chan Sung, the CEO of Save, the country’s top portal company. Although he appears prickly and demanding, he shows endless tenderness to the woman he loves. His role as a “key player” in Matthew Lee’s scheme is eagerly awaited.

The production team shared, “The unending malevolence of Matthew Lee, the villains who survived yet lost their freedom, and Min Do Hyuk’s escape from evil, present an intriguing narrative for the reborn seven. Expect a more thrilling story in the reset game of revenge.”

You can catch the explosive return of Reborn of the Seven on March 29th at 10 PM KST.

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