Park Hyung Sik Spills on His Unbreakable Bond with ‘Wooga Family’: Inside Their Friendship

park hyung sik friends
park hyung sik friends
Credit: “Salon Drip 2” YouTube

In a delightful spill-the-tea session on the web variety show Salon Drip 2, aired on the 13th, Park Hyung Sik, alongside Park Shin Hye, the stars of JTBC’s drama Doctor Slump, shared some insights into his life, friendships, and particularly, his cherished circle known as the “Wooga Family.”

Described by Jang Do Yeon as a “lovely large breed dog” for his affectionate nature, Park Hyung Sik was queried about his social life, to which he candidly responded, “I’m more of a homebody. I love staying at home, but I also enjoy going out to meet friends whenever they call. Lately, I’ve been learning golf, following my friends’ lead.”

The conversation naturally veered towards the “Wooga Family,” an affectionate nickname for Park Hyung Sik’s close-knit group of friends, including notables such as Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, BTS’s V, and Peakboy. Park Hyung Sik couldn’t help but share a humorous anecdote, revealing, “I’m saved as ‘Park Yes Everything’ on Seo Joon’s phone. Whenever I’m asked, ‘What should we eat?’ or ‘Where should we go?’ the response is always ‘Sure’ or ‘Sounds good.'”

Jang Do Yeon playfully probed if there were ever moments if he wanted to say no, prompting Park Hyung Sik to express his unwavering fondness for his group, “Honestly, as long as we’re not heading to hell, hanging out with friends is the best. We could just be at home, snacking and drinking, and it would still be great. Being with friends is what matters most, nothing else really does.”

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