Big Bang Daesung Met With Criticism For Latest Show Appearance + Dissing 2NE1

daesung big bang
daesung big bang
Credit: Psick University

Recently, Daesung of BIGBANG was not well-received by viewers of YouTube channel Psick University. On February 10th the video on Psick University, which was expected to be a fun and popular appearance for the Lunar New Year Holiday, went south rather quickly as Daesung’s appearance sparked controversy among fans of the channel. The promotional expectations backfired and lead to negative comments, dislikes of the video, and even users unsubscribing to the channel.

The quiz-like show that is known for also creating satire or personalized and sensitive questions in order to shake reactions out of guests and make viewers laugh instead left fans displeased as the questions were oddly focused around 2NE1, the YG labelmates of BIGBANG. Questions included: “List the following artists according to their contribution to YG Entertainment’s success,” and “Who is the least contributing member in 2NE1?” alongside other thought-provoking questions.

Daesung’s reply angered fans as the questions and answers seemed to drag the group rather than being funny. “It’s too harsh to pick a member who could be left out of the group,” said Daesung, “But, I’d pick Minzy.” See the controversial video and Daesung’s answers below!

According to various news sites and in the YouTube comments, viewers expressed their displeasure saying things like “Seungri must be shaking now,” “This show is fishing,” “Would Seungri be upset he wasn’t mentioned? Lol,” ”The production team of this channel are complete trash,” I’m unsubscribing,” and “They shouldn’t have made this video if Daesung couldn’t talk about BIGBANG.” One that really triggered viewers was a comment questions, “They won’t drag real criminals lol?”

Credit: Psick University

The amount of controversies surrounding BIGBANG, including member Daesung, seem to still have a strong impression on viewers who are not ready to forget member Seungri’s crimes, T.O.P’s drug scandal, and the current drug investigation that surrounded G-Dragon.

Many believe Daesung’s pre-planned fan meetings in Korea and Japan this Spring may also see some backlash. It is often questioned why Daesung is still pursuing a career in the media as this wasn’t his first appearance that made fans uncomfortable such as on ‘Hang Out With Yoo’ and a trot program.

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